Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Best way to spend my last night. Love my babesquad!

Babesquad for life!

This goodbye was a lot harder for me.  I think it was because it is a little bit more permanent.  Leslie is going to be serving in Peru! My mission papers are in. Katie is going to continue going to school. We are all at different points in our life and they are all pivotal.  I know it is all where we are supposed to be though.  It might have been hard to say goodbye to my babes, but I know we will all be reunited in two-ish years.  All I have to say is: KATIE, DO NOT GET MARRIED WHILE LES AND I ARE OUT! Haha!

I have truly been blessed with the most amazing and wonderful best friends.  I don't know where I would be without them.. well I would be alone, but I am so grateful I am not there.  These two are absolutely amazing and only build me and and make me a better person.

Of course I couldn't leave for college without one last babesquad snuggle in my bed! :) 
Best line: Leslie: "OK Who am I going to spoon?" HAHA.  Love you Leslie! 


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