Monday, September 15, 2014

First day of school! #sophomores

Fall 2014! 
Semester before my mission! (still anxiously awaiting my call!)
{Update! I got my call!!!!}

My sweet roommate, Ally! 

Sophomore year, here I come! I only have three classes this semester! (10 credits!)

The day started out a little stressful because I was on the waitlist for Biology 180, which I needed to get into! I had a three hour break in-between that and English 201.  English was great, I have Brother Jason Dietz again! I absolutely love him as an English professor!! Walking out of that class, I got an email authorizing me to add my Bio class!! YES YES YES! Many prayers were answered with that simple email! I was surprised to find out I was authorized to add the Bio class I was #2 on the waitlist for instead of the one I was #1 on... Only bummer was the 10:15 class I was now in had a Friday 3:15-5:15 lab... ugh... that blows! I am going to work on changing that though.  

Tuesday! First devo and only one class! Tuesdays are no longer going to be my longest, most stressful days! YES!!! Doctrine and Covenants with Brother Kyle Black was absolutely amazing, as always!!! Dennis and I walked in together and he looked at us and said "not you guys again!!" HAHA.  He loves me! Brother Black may not know my name, but he knows who I am! LOL.  Devo afterwards was awesome too.  We got kicked out of our regular spot though! :( Its ok, we will get it next week.. OH WAIT. NO. Because ELDER HOLLAND will be coming!!!! Front row for us!! 

Wednesday was a repeat of Monday, so nothing really new. I did discover that the three hour break between bio and english is going to kill me... slowly and surely.  I don't have enough work to fill in the time! 

Thursday was awesome.  Doctrine and Covenants was amazing again.  Brother Black has so many cool insights and just knows exactly how to teach pure doctrine.  After class, Dennis and I went to the temple and got some cool answers. :) 

Friday was kind of a drag.  It was the last day of the week, so yay!, but at the same time, I had lab until 5:15... dreading that.  In the actual bio class, a girl named Kim stood up and asked if anyone wanted to switch lab times with her.  She was on Thursday's at 3:15.  I jumped on that opportunity!! After class we secured the switch.  SOLID!!! I still had to go to lab today, but not for the rest of the semester! SCORE SCORE SCORE! English was great that day too.. I never thought I would be saying that! Crazy! Haha, even though that class is so late in the day and English isn't my favorite, Brother Dietz and his teaching style makes it so worthwhile! Lab after English was long.  I assumed that since it was the first lab, it wouldn't be the full two hours.. nope. Finally at 5:15 I was out! I came home and chilled before the "We are the Strike" concert!! 

This was an amazing first week.  I love BYUI and the spirit I feel on campus.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend this wonderful university.  I can't imagine going anywhere else! Let the best semester yet begin!!


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