Saturday, September 13, 2014


Fall 2014. This is going to be the most epic semester! 

Started it off the right way too! I was able to drive up to Idaho with Katie! I was so thrilled to have her company on the long ride up! Dennis also caravanned with us! It was quite the adventure! 
the longest drive... 

Katie came up for a week to surprise Robby, so the entire way up we had to be very careful about snapchats that were sent.  It was a little stressful but so worth it.

The time finally came to surprise Robby! There was high anticipation!

And then it all went down: 

Robby's face was priceless

So we (Katie, Ally and I) got to Robby's apartment and were keeping tabs with Michael, the guy he was driving up with.  It finally was time to hide! Katie hid in the closet and Ally and I slipped back into a bedroom. (Yes I know, against honor code, but we could be seen in the hallway.)  We hear Robby walk in and there was a bunch of screaming so I sneak out of the back room.  I look at Michael and give him a thumbs up with a questioning look on my face.  He gave me a thumbs up too, so I thought Katie had popped out of the closet already and surprised him.  I walked out of the back room and into the kitchen to realize the surprise hadn't gone down yet... OH CRAP. 

Robby looks as me and is like "what are you doing here?" 
I was in shock and didn't know what to say or how to react so I was just like "I was just visiting and now I am leaving. Bye!" 
and then I walked out the door.  

I just blew it.. The surprise was ruined.  He knew Katie was there... CRAP CRAP CRAP. 

Well I wait outside and the guys are trying to make excuses as to why I was there and whatnot.. Robby was so tired that he didn't even think twice about me... I got so lucky. SO LUCKY. 

Michael asked Robby if he left his speakers in the coat closet and he didn't remember so he went and checked.  He didn't find his speakers but he found Katie! And that was so much better than speakers! 

Watch the video below! :) (The first 10 seconds are a black screen, so don't worry if you don't see anything! there isn't anything to see!)

The best surprise ever! 

Love these two so much! :) 


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