Friday, October 17, 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Blessings!

Cloudy with a Chance of Blessings!

This week has been absolutely wonderful. 

It has been such a nice change from the last two weeks.  The last two weeks, satan has been horrible.  I was distraught and stressed, anxious and nervous about a million and one things. 

This week, I decided to change my attitude and it has made all the difference.  I made a conscious effort to lose myself in service.  The entire week, the quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley came to mind “Forget yourself and go to work!”   

I started out the week at church on Sunday.  It was so good.  The spirit was so strong.  You know those Sunday’s when you go to church with so much on your mind after a crappy week and come out completely refreshed and ready to tackle the next week? That was the kind of Sunday I had.  I  went to church seeking answers and looking to be spiritually fed, and I was.  Those Sunday’s are my absolute favorite.  The speakers were phenomenal, they said exactly what I needed to hear.   I am pretty sure the hymns were hand picked for me too… I couldn’t get through any of them without choking up.  I have never cried in a sacrament meeting before, but I didn’t make it through this weeks with a dry face.. nope, no way.  My temple prep class was also exactly what I needed to hear.  The last weeks I have been struggling with the temple even though I know of the amazing blessings it holds.  I have always been so excited to go through, but satan got to me.  I became worried and nervous.  I don’t know what to expect so how could I be ready to go in?  WRONG.  I  do know what to expect, an overwhelming spirit and a lot of love from everyone around me! In this lesson, we talked about the blessings we personally receive from going to the temple and it truly opened my eyes.  Three blessings I receive from going to the temple are peace, comfort and revelation.  I receive all three of those when I humbly enter the house of the Lord! I am so grateful for the temple and cannot wait to go in and receive my own endowment, TOMORROW! (October 18th, 2014!) :) AHH. 

On Monday, a girl from my biology class asked if we could study together for the test we had this week.  I was excited to study with her because I think studying with others is very helpful.  We ended up talking, for an hour and a half, about life and our struggles.  This girl is seriously so amazing.  She is so incredibly strong and has the hardest trials.  She is doing the absolute best she can and it shows.  I look up to her so much.  I could never imagine being in her shoes.  She handles her life like a champ.  She takes what she has been given and rolls with it.  She is so positive even among all of her hardships and trials.  She is inspirational.  I wish you all could know her.  She mostly talked and I listened.  She just needed someone to listen and I was so happy to be there for her.  She confided in me and I  am grateful that even though we don’t know each other very well she trusts me.  I am grateful for her friendship! After talking with her, I came home and it was about 10 minutes after midnight.  All of my roommates but Kristi were awake and conversing in the living room.  We had a great conversation about life also and then, at 12:40am, I realized I had an English paper due at midnight.  My professor, Brother Dietz, has a strict, no-late-assignments-at-all policy.  I was just heartbroken.  I didn’t know how my grade was going to recover.  Even as nervous as I was about the entire situation, I has a calm feeling through all of it.  Knowing that I helped my friend from biology earlier that night, I knew Heavenly Father would help me out in this situation.  I emailed my teacher and told him how sorry I was for missing the deadline and asked if I could turn it in late.  I patiently waited two days for a response.  In the meantime, I prayed a lot that Brother Dietz' heart would be softened on his policy and accept my paper. 

Tuesday was a low key day.  I spoke to my pathways speaking partner who is awesome, Yuri, and we had a great gospel discussion on leadership.  Dennis made breakfast burritos for lunch and they were absolutely delicious.  He also made some bacon and for the rest of the day I smelled like Bacon.  I’m not too fond of bacon and the smell ended up giving me a headache in our Doctrine and Covenants class.  Devo was absolutely amazing that day also.  The temple president from the Rexburg, ID temple came and spoke to us.  He spoke to us on temptation and staying on the straight and narrow even when it is extremely difficult.  I loved all of his words.  He is an inspirational man! I went to bed early on Tuesday in preparation for a long Wednesday.  It was wonderful! I LOVE sleep! J

Wednesday I woke up bright and early to study for my biology test.  I was planning on taking it before class but waited until after.  That morning I also received an email from my English teacher.  He was so gracious and allowed me to turn my paper in.  I can’t even describe to you how much of a blessing this was.  Wednesday morning was cloudy and as I walked outside I thought to myself “today’s weather is cloudy with a chance of blessings.” The blessings came.  Not only was I able to turn in my paper, with a late penalty I felt was appropriate, but I was able to pass my biology test.  I asked Dennis for a blessing and it was powerful.  Heavenly Father works in wonderful ways.  My head was clear through the entire test and even though I didn’t do as well as I thought, I passed.  I went to English that day and learned an awesome lesson on the love languages from Brother Dietz.  I love his class so much, even though the 2pm time slot is a total sacrifice, it is totally worth it.  Once I got our of class, Aggie, Ally and I went shopping!! Down East is having a huge sale so we went and checked it out.  Lots of great treasure was found there! We went to DI afterwards and Ally and I found our Anna and Elsa costumes, for Halloween!! I am so excited for them! They are seriously so awesome! After that, I took Estela and Kristi to the store and was able to talk to Grandma Barb on the phone about going through the temple.  I always love talking to her, she is full of love and inspiration.  She knows exactly what to say! I can’t wait for her to be my escort on Saturday! Dennis and I finished the night by reading our Doctrine and Covenants homework and then I counted sheep until the morning!

Thursday! Another busy one! J I love busy days.  I have missed busy days! I woke up and was determined to get stuff done.. I am pretty sure I slept in until 9 and got nothing done though. Haha. I made it to campus to finish D&C homework and then headed to class.  D&C was awesome as always with Brother Black and then I had a forum for biology that was exactly what I needed to hear.  Brother Young is a Marine Biologist and his presentation was: “Lessons of life from the Deep Sea”.  It was spectacular.  He told us of all of his cool experiences he had and how they related to the gospel.  Here are the main points I took from it:
o   Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
o   Know how to get to our goal by going to our knees.  PRAY!!
§  if we don’t listen, our course is unclear
o   Flexible people look in all directions.
o   Live on top of the hill. (Temples)
§  Let us go to the mountain of the Lord (Isaiah 2:3)
§  Genesis 19:19
o   Don’t get too deep into the mud, but still have to be on the bottom.
§  (here, brother Young explained that there are animals that live on the bottom of the ocean that have little wings or fins on their stomachs.  This allows them to live on the muddy floor and move around without disturbing the mud.  The fins or wings allow them to move around with little disruption.)
§  In the world, but not of the world.
o   Mountain of the Lord! Inspiration concentrates. Nourishment is there at a greater abundance. GO TO THE TEMPLE.
·      Greater nourishment at the temple.
o   Let go of the things in my life that are less important.
After he spoke, I headed straight to Bio lab, where my lab partner, Ben, and I cranked out the lab and were done with oodles of time before everyone.  After lab, I rushed home to get ready for “Meet the Firms” which I was attending with Dennis.  It was for his accounting class.  Pretty much an event where a bunch of accounting firms come to recruit internships.  I was there to make him look better, in his words, and in my words, for the food. HAHA, either way, it was fun to get dressed up and get free food and SWAG. Some firms were handing out nice stuff.. as in high quality mechanical pens and pencils, metal water bottles and sticky note pads.  Legit.  I came home and packed! Tomorrow I leave for home! AH! J So so so excited!!!!

FRIDAY is finally here!! I woke up early and hit the gym.  It felt soooo good.  Seriously, I should od that more often.  I like going to the gym in the morning! I have more energy throughout the day, even if I didn’t get as much sleep! I went to my bio class to review the test and then I was FREEEE!! My English class was cancelled today! Sad, but such a huge blessing! I went with Dennis to sign for his new iPhone 6P and then we had lunch and I peaced! Salt Lake City here I come! The drive it not my favorite but I managed to enjoy it today, and I didn’t cry! I think I am finally off my emotional roller coaster! I guess we will see tomorrow… LOL.  I parked at Ally’s house and Linda gave me a ride to the airport. Another huge blessing! I love the Larsen’s so much.  They are wonderful and so beyond generous.  I was able to talk to Linda about my life and get her perspective on things.  She is awesome! J  I got to the airport early and ate at a little taco place.  I think by the time I am done with this semester I will have tried all of the food at the SLC airport.. LOL, jk, but I have been there too much recently! At this taco place, I hit it off really well with one of the workers and he took his break early to come eat with me.  It was so sweet and we talked about so much.  Turns out, he is only 17, but he was cute and fun to talk too.  Matt is from Canada and now lives in SLC.  Super chill dude, but doesn’t plan on serving a mission.  I told him my story and how the Lord can soften your heart in many mysterious ways.  Keep an open mind and be willing to accept changes He makes in your life! I then had to run to my gate because it was time to board.  I hope I left a lasting impression on him and he will keep an open mind.  He was such a sweet guy.  My flight is literally a tiny jet.  There are two seats on each side, but its ok because I am not afraid of planes like Hallie is.. haha.  I love flying! I didn’t have an assigned seat so I went and talked to the attendant and he started hitting on me! LOL, dude you’re like 35 and I’m 19…. But he complimented me on my name and hair.  I will take it! I asked for an aisle seat and ended up at the emergency exit row.  Totally cool with that because EXTRA LEG ROOM!!! I got to my seat after the same attendant instructing me not to “get too crazy up there!” Little did I know I would be getting THREE FEET of leg room AND an empty seat next to me!! I really did score!!

Blessings come.  I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven and that he is not stingy with those blessings.  The power of prayer is REAL.  He can and will and DOES bless us daily.  I have seen that every single day this week.  I lost myself in service.  I forgot myself and went to work on and with others.  Charity is the pure love of Christ.  I cannot wait to go through the temple tomorrow and receive my own endowment and receive even more blessings.  I love this gospel so much!!

Stay Worthy.
Stay Rad.
Stay Righteous.


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