Thursday, October 30, 2014

SURPRISE!! Babesquad Reunion!

There is a reason God blesses us with friends.  Now I may be just a tad bit biased, but I feel like I can say I truly have the greatest and best friends.  Ever.  Leslie and Katie are the bomb. We have been the babesquad for a year now! (WOW. It is insane to think it has been a year!! Fall 2013 where it all began!) I love them more than I can express and am eternally grateful for their friendship! We truly will be friends forever!!

As Leslie and I prepare for missions, we have come to the realization that Babesquad is going to be apart for a long long time... well not too long, only 18 months! But leaving for school this fall semester was a little bit harder than normal.  I knew that I would only get to see them maybe once or twice more before Leslie and I reported.  Katie is an amazing nanny and travels the world, at least it seems like, with one of the families she nannies for.  She has it so good.. seriously! #Nannylife With that being said, she is going to be gone thanksgiving break and christmas break... SHOOT.  So yeah, leaving for school in September was really bitter sweet.  Especially remembering last fall and how we stay up until 3 am every night laughing, following boys, TPing houses and creating the most wonderful memories.

BUT, God knows exactly what I need. He knows me personally.  This semester has been WAY harder than both of my previous semesters combined.  Satan is working really hard on me because he doesn't want me to go out and serve my mission.  Life has just been a little bit tougher.  More road blocks, more discouraging days.  But through it all, I have had my babesquad, my best friends.   This particular weekend I just really needed my girls.  I had had another rough week and just didn't want to deal with life.  I wanted a fun girls weekend... but that wasn't going to happen because my girls were in California... but, like I said before, Heavenly Father knows me so well.. and knows my needs!!

On Thursday, I came home to this:

I was so confused as to why Ally was on my bed, but I didn't care.  The week was almost over and I had a biology test to take and yada yada yada.  I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw her because I wanted to take a picture to send to my babes.  You see, they always lay in my bed without me... I wanted to tell them Ally did too!

As I continue to walk over to my bed, I saw a butt load of stuff on my night stand... that wasn't mine. I first saw a camera and thought it was Girdy's.  Then I saw Katie's phone and then Leslie's phone!! WHAT THE HECK?!

I butcher explaining it,... so just watch this!

Yes, I found my two best friends, in MY bed.. again, but this time it wan't in California!!!


to say I was extremely excited is the understatement of the century.  Yes, the century. 

the snapchat they didn't send...

That night I had to go and take a bio test and then it was all babesquad time from there!

Friday: (Halloween!)

We started the morning out on campus, we ate crepes.  They were delicious! Katie and Les both thought it was freezing, which was hilarious because it was in the high 40's! We ran to the store in between classes.  After English got out, I came home and we got ready for the night! I was Anna from Frozen, Leslie was a Scarecrow and Katie was a cowgirl! We went down to Texas Roadhouse to eat and then planned on hitting up the off campus party but the line was three hours long and they were at full capacity already.. so no one else was getting in.  We went back to Dennis's apartment and they tried a social experiment on YikYak.

STOOPID.  yes. spelled that way too... Three or four people kept posting "Party at Ivy 3201" and eventually a butt load of people showed up.  I became extremely uncomfortable with all of these sketchy strangers and Babesquad and I chilled in the stairwell until they all bounced.  After the party ended, people kept posting on YikYak about it... We thought it would be funny to play a prank on people if they continued to show up.  We all changed into our pajamas and then started a movie.  When people knocked on the door, we answered and they looked extremely confused.  It was hilarious.  We were like "There is no party here, I don't know what you're talking about..." best prank of the night! 


Pancake Breakfast
Left to Right: Ally L, Krisit D, Estela G, Leslie G
Wonderful Saturday started with a pancake breakfast.  We all enjoyed a fat stack of buttermilk deliciousness! 

After, I went to a session at the temple because I felt like I really needed to be there.  I received some great inspiration and answers to prayers! I love the temple so much! 

When I got back, it was homework time, because I had an essay due! We chilled for a little and then made plans for the night.  first up, bowling, followed by the haunted mill, and then a movie night!

I was still in shock that they were here, in Idaho, with me!! 

Two Gangsters and a Molly. 


We had a ton of fun bowling... we didn't do normal bowling, but crazy bowling! We bowled 9 different ways after the first round of bowling normal.  We had some good rounds, some bad rounds and some absolutely horrible rounds.  Pictures and Videos were necessary! 

The ways we bowled: 
1. Backwards through legs
2. facing forwards through the legs
3. Through a team members legs
4. Dance your way up
5. Sitting on a team members knee
6. spin 5 times then throw
7. opposite hand
8. hopping on one leg
9. eyes closed
10. normal

Through the legs:

On the knee

When babesquad became the babeQUAD.

Here are some HILARIOUS videos of us bowling.. 

Haunted Mill:

Ok I have to say, I was actually not too scared for this one.  I am not a huge fan of scary, but I wanted to go to the Haunted Mill.  It was just up the road a little and I had been wanting to go all fall season. Leslie was super pumped and Katie and Ally almost pooped their pants on their way.  It was quite the experience to say the least!

on our way....
When we got there, this creepy dude photobombed our picture, and Katie was still super scared.  As we were in line, the lights kept going out.  The women helping us at the counter had absolutely no idea why the power kept going out and gave us a glowstick so we could see when it happened again... great.
Katie's face makes this photo. 
Leslie went in first, Katie followed, Ally jumped up next and I was the caboose.  Not used to being the caboose.  It was oddly terrifying!!!!! I constantly felt like someone was following me or was going to pounce on me.  It was quite the experience.  Leslie led the way like a boss, walking through like "WHERE YOU GUYS AT.  YOU AINT EVEN SCARY.  LETS GOOOOO" meanwhile the rest of us are like "HOLY CRAP.  WHAT IS GOING ON.  SOMEONE COME HELP ME SO I DON'T PEE MY PANTS!!" Some choice words were shared.  Leslie kept walking through quickly, leaving us in the dust.  Cool.  We all got our fair share of scares and I was grateful to get out of there.  It was a great experience though, and I would go again! :)

And then we jammed on the way home!


When we got home we watched a scary movie.. I don't know why I ever agree to these sorts of things because I always get so freaking scared.  I don't even like this stuff! Needless to say, I hid under the blanket the entire time.


My babes were able to come to church with me because their flight didn't leave until 7pm!! I was so grateful for that!! 

AND it was SNOWING!!! First snow of the season... but it didn't stick! 
(That happened a couple days later...)

So of course we had to snapchat the moment.  

Later, Leslie and I froze our butts off while Katie was chilling with Robby.  Somehow we managed to stay warm.  We also had the most amazing talk about temples and how much we love them! Grateful I was able to get endowed with this chika!

I love my babesquad so much.  I don't know what I would do without them. I am so grateful they were able to come up and surprise me.  I know the next 18 months- 2 years is going to be difficult not being able to all be together, but Leslie and I will be off serving missions and Katie will be living the high nanny life! I can't wait to be reunited once again!

Love you babesquad!!!

*And HUGE thanks and shoutout to Ally who kept this from me for weeks!!!! You're the bomb girl! Love you so much too!*


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