Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fun time for the car keys to not work!

Story time! 

Tomorrow, we are going over to Chad and Makayla's for dinner because we haven't seen them in forever and it is nice to switch things up on Sunday's! We (Dennis and I) had to run to the store to get pot stickers for the meal.  Dennis was kind enough to drive and we arrived at the store, locked the car going in, got the pot stickers and were ready to go.  As we came out to the car, his keys wouldn't unlock it... uh oh.  So he manually unlocks is but the alarm goes off.. and will not stop.  Lovely.  Then, to top things off, the car has anti theft so the engine will not turn on- even though we have the keys and we unlocked the car.  Turns out the batteries in the key fob were about done and so Dennis quickly ran and bought some new ones.  When all was said and done, we ended up getting home after the batteries were replaced.  The car started and we were warm again.  That anti-theft though, good job Kia.  Good job.  But this weather did not help the situation at all.  Good thing it is supposed to drop even lower tonight and tomorrow! I love Rexburg, and that is not sarcastic at all! 


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