Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mission Bound, but Christmas first! What a missionary needs!

So as of two days ago, I report in 40 days. 

That makes today 38 days.  THIRTY EIGHT.  Holy cow.  I remember opening my call and having 101 days... It is amazing who time flies! 

I was able to go home for Thanksgiving which was absolutely wonderful! I love my family so much! 

It is a thanksgiving tradition in my house to have our christmas lists ready for black Friday.  Momma Han ALWAYS gets on our case, usually about Monday.. and then they aren't ready Thursday night when we go through the ads.. haha procrastination! This year, because I flew in on Tuesday, I took the layover time in SLC to put together a list and then slowly attached links before Thursday! Momma Han was so proud!! 

Here is my Christmas list, for all of those interested :)
(Links are attached!)

Christmas List:

Stamps-forever stamps, cool designs

LONG Skirts

simple watch: waterproof... Louisville is Humid! 

a couple scarves (plain colors: black, ivory)

stud earrings
          Earrings 1
          Earrings 2

white (4)
cream (2)
black (2)


Merry Christmas to all :)
Missions are the best!
I love missionaries!

Sister Hannah

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