Monday, December 22, 2014

Dana Point Lights!

Adventures in Dana Point! 

Tonight I was lucky enough to have a mommy-daddy-daughter date! SCORE! No brothers! Just how I like it! hahaha! It takes me straight back to every Friday night of my senior year when us three would all go out together! I love these nights! 

This time, we ventured into Dana Point to see the Illumenocean lights! They were super cool and all LED.  Mitch is all about the LED lights.  He LOVES them.  

They have walkways down by the docks that are all lit up and synced to music.  We walked up and down, saw it all and then went to dinner.  

Dinner was... interesting and entertaining.  We ate at Turk's.. super classic beach bum bar with some tables slapped in there.  The decor was extremely authentic.. my parents said it hadn't changed in the 20 years they have lived here.  The service was borderline horrible because I am pretty sure they only had one waitress... for the entire restaurant.  We waited 10 minutes for water and then realized we didn't have a menu.  We asked the waitress if she could grab us some and she said: "Sure, I will be right back with it." Key word, it.  That hints to one menu.  She took FOREVER to get us menus.  Jokingly my mom was like "crap we might as well just grab the one from outside..." 

literally 2 minutes later the waitress sets the stand up menu, FROM OUTSIDE, across our table.  We all just started busting up laughing.  We didn't know that when she said "it" she really meant, the only menu they have! Priceless.  

My parents then ran into some old friends, the Fischer's.  They are super funny and I remember going to their house often when I was younger. Super nice.  So bizarre that we saw them.  They moved to Texas and were just visiting randomly.  We happened to be at the same restaurant at the same time.  Sweet reunion.  


 Apparently, I am the only one in the group who knows how to take a selfie... therefore I took all the of pictures tonight because they don't like to ask people to take pictures.  I, on the other hand, have no shame in asking people to take our picture.  Especially with a light up dancing crab.

Until next year, mr. Dancing crab!!

Merry Christmas!


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