Monday, December 1, 2014

FHE with the greatest family ever!! :)

This semester, I have been blessed with the most wonderful FHE family! We had two girls apartments and one boys apartment + Heather B, the bishops granddaughter, who we all love dearly and fit in PERFECTLY!  

This was one of the most fun FHE's we had! It was supposed to be normal gingerbread house making... and turned into a competition with a side obstacle! We all ended up having our hands tied together! It was a blast and it ended in a food fight! That was err... fun... until we had to clean it up! 

I love this group with all my heart! So grateful to have been able to spend the most wonderful semester with them! :)

The girls
Left to Right: Kristi D, Estela G, Kerrie G, Lexi S, Aggie S, Heather M, Ashley G Aspen C, Me, Ally L, Girdy G.  
Our stellar boys.  They are too much fun!
Top, Left to Right: Tyler K, Chase C, Greg P
Bottom, Left to Right: Harrison W, Mike B, Daniel G

Momma Maddy

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