Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Last devotional with my boys

Today was the last devotional of 2014! It was kind of bittersweet.  
I love going to devotional.  I love the spirit that it brings.  I love going with unanswered prayers and receiving the answers there, through the message of the speaker.  I love that I attend a school that sets aside an hour a week to gather all the students to hear an spiritual and inspirational message.  I love that.  How cool is that? What other school has that besides the other BYU's? None to my knowledge.  

Cory, Me, Dennis

My best friend and partner in crime, Dennis. 

Since January, these guys have been my devo buds! We had a large group in the winter (both of our apartments), then it dwindled down in the spring.  Fall was a mix of winter and spring.  We always sat in our special spot and it was the perfect place!  I am going to miss these weekly uplifting messages while I am in Kentucky!  I can't wait to return to them though! 2016 will be awesome! :)


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