Friday, December 5, 2014

The Last Hurrah!

Rexburg is amazing, but every once in a while I just need a weekend getaway.  Salt Lake happens to be a wonderful place to do this.  Dennis and I had been dead set on doing a session in the Salt Lake City Temple since I got endowed and this weekend trip was the perfect opportunity! We packed up and high tailed it out of Rexburg for the last crazy weekend of the semester before finals! 

Friday, I got out of English at 3pm, Dennis picked me up, and we were OFF! I was so excited and I think Dennis was slightly more excited.. because he was driving.. my car. Hah.  Yes, I let this crazy kid drive my car.  I didn't hear one complaint and I didn't mind being chauffeured around. He pretty much drove all weekend.  :)
And the drive begins!!

I just love Idaho, so so so much. 
"For the beauty of the Earth." The mountains are so gorgeous!

Finally in UTAH!!

I am pretty sure he was okay with driving me around this weekend.. He seemed pretty comfortable behind the wheel! Haha.
Reginald, my chauffeur. 
 We got into Salt Lake around 8, after stopping at in n out, of course, and it was PACKED.  It was the first weekend for the lights and everyone was there, like the entire Wasatch front... I'm not kidding.  We had planned on walking around the lights and then going to Interstellar but ended up just going to Interstellar because of all the traffic.  The movie was long, but so good.  It was an interesting concept that doesn't necessarily make logical sense.  Overall, I did enjoy the movie.  Dennis and I proceeded to argue/bicker/discuss (whatever you want to call both of us being right and trying to have conversation about it) the movie all the way home.  I thought it didn't quite make logical sense and he was trying to tell me it did... we ended up agreeing to disagree.  I was getting frustrated that this movie wasn't logical.  I am a logical person! Whatever.. the more I write the more frustrated I will get.

Saturday was the most special day!  We woke up and I made us egg burritos! They were delicious! Dennis had some homework to get done so while he did that, I got ready and planned the rest of the day!   First things first, lunch.  Then pedicure.  Then SALT LAKE CITY TEMPLE.  Then find something for dinner.

Lunch was at this super cute pizza place in West Jordan.  We shared a Margherita pizza and it was delicious, but not filling enough.  We also saw this grandma who had purple hair.  Cool.
don't all grandma's have purple hair?

After that, I dragged Dennis to the nail salon with me.  I haven't had a pedicure in over 5 years so why not get one now? I may or may not have made him get one too.  There is no proof or evidence of this happening.  It may or may not have happened.  Let's just say, it was a great experience at the Walmart nail salon. 

From there, we headed straight to Temple Square, where we met up with the sweet, Lucy! Before we went in to the temple to do the session, I was able to reflect on some goals I had made when I was returning to full activity. With one month until I report to the MTC, I am proud to say I finally accomplished this goal.  When I was coming back to church, I told myself: "One day, I will go inside the Salt Lake Temple.  One day, I will do a session there.  I don't know when, but I will make it happen."  Today was that day.  Little did I know when I made that goal that I would end up serving a mission and getting endowed at 19.  Little did I know I would be able to go into the Salt Lake City Temple on the 6th of December 2014 with my best friend.  I can't imagine it any other way.  I know it was the perfect timing! 

The session was incredible.  I had yet to cry in a session and this one did it for me.  Not so much what was going on inside, but the fact that I was there.  I was inside this incredible building that my ancestors built.  I am endowed.  I am going on a mission.  The spirit was incredibly strong.  I was there.  I did it.  Goal, accomplished. 

The celestial room is breathtaking.   As we sat in there after the session I stared at the ceiling for about 10 minutes to realize I still had the entire rest of the room to gawk over.  So much to take in.  All hand carved.  Over 150 years old.  Absolutely incredible.  

We were also able to do a couple sealings while we were there.  Sealings are so special.  There is something so sweet about giving someone eternity with there family.  I love performing this ordinance and cannot wait to be sealed for myself one day!!

5 year goal: ACCOMPLISHED. 

After we came out of the temple, Lucy, Dennis and I were walking around temple square and ran into KATIE!! YES! MY BEST FRIEND KATIE. 


I was in shock and already emotional.. I cried.  I was so grateful to see her!!! 
Running into Katie at Temple Square

From there we looked at the gorgeous lights.  It was beautiful! I love Christmas time and I love Christmas lights! :) It was a tad bit chilly, but nothing like Rexburg!

Me, Dennis, Lucy

Lucy ended up leaving and Dennis and I were on our own for dinner.  

So we chose... 

drumroll please.







and it was a very VERY good decision.  
It was one of the best dinner dates we have been on.  

We were totally anti social with the rest of the table, but had some of the sweetest conversation by ourselves.  I think the biggest thing that stuck out to me is that we both were not on our phones and we were 100% into the conversation, the food, and each other!  We had so much fun.  The food was delicious.  We took the weirdest pictures because we are weird.  I just love him! 

The only nice picture we got.

We are two good looking people! 

At one point, Dennis told me to just start making a bunch of bizarre faces really fast.  At first I was really skeptical, but I loosened up and this is what resulted.  It was hilarious and we both got a kick out of it!

We came home and finished with the classic movie& snuggle. 

Sunday was beautiful.  We attended Lucy's YSA ward and it was also Fast Sunday.  The first guy to get up was not all the way there mentally.  He was the sweetest soul though.  He spoke so kindly about service and how he LOVES doing all the little jobs on the side because no one ever trusts him with the big jobs.  At first, I didn't really understand why I was getting so emotional over this, but then I realized that no matter what job I am doing while I am serving, it is needed.  It doesn't matter where you serve, it matters HOW you serve.  His simple and sweet testimony touched my heart so much.  He reminded me that I do not have to be doing the big jobs to be serving, I can be the person at the apple cannery sweeping the leaves off the floor.  That is just as important as canning the applesauce.   We closed the meeting with I Know My Redeemer Lives and it was so incredibly powerful.  That is one of my top 3 favorite hymns, if not my favorite.  It always hits me to the core.  I love the words of that hymn.  They are so true. 

We said our goodbyes and then headed back to get changed and get on the road.  We filled up for gas and I was in shock of the low price.  Never have I ever seen it THIS low for premium.  Dang.
what? $2.53 for PREMIUM?!?!

It was the most wonderful weekend with the most wonderful people! I could not have asked for a better release from school.  It was the perfect way to end the best yet most stressful semester! 

Until Next time!


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