Monday, March 30, 2015

The Color Yellow.

This week was a yellow week!!  One of those feel good, spirits up, bright and sunny, just an incredible week.  I am so incredibly blessed by my Father in Heaven.  I feel an overwhelming abundance of love towards, for and from Him.  He is so aware of me... and not only me, but each and EVERY ONE of His children. INCLUDING YOU.  YES YOU. 

This week we saw more miracles.  Sister Jones and I are LOVING this warm weather and missionary work seems to too! I can't believe all the miracles we have seen... seriously.  By Thursday we had picked up 5 people who wanted to sincerely learn more about the church.  They are all incredible people too! The Lord is placing people in our path who are ready and humble enough to hear and ACCEPT the gospel!! :) AH I LOVE IT! :) 

Taylor. She is awesome. We met her while I was on exchanges with Sister Ward. She was super nice and we got her number, but nothing came of it.  Last week we were walking home from EKU and ran into her on the sidewalk... not a coincidence! (exchanges are when the companionship splits up for 24 hours and we have a temp companion who is one of our leaders train us.  We then switch back!) We taught her the first lesson this week and she was asking the most incredible questions. She loved the Book of Mormon and the spirit was incredible strong. She was asking things like "I have always believed there are prophets so is the Book of Mormon how we know there is one?" YES! She asked that! It was incredible! She left our appointment with the desire to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith! She is so prepared and so humble! :) She is the sweetest thing and we look forward to continue working with her! 

Blake. Blake was an interesting sequence of events. I was prompted last week to take a different route to a lesson and we ended up being placed right in his path. (Coincidence, yeah, I think not.. I don't believe in those anymore. I believe in God.) He was skateboarding by the courthouse and we stopped him, introduced ourselves and then actually set up a return appointment with him for within the next few hours. The first interaction went really well. He understood why we are here and what we are doing. So we set up another appointment with him and it went way better than Sister Jones and I could have ever expected. It was completely spirit led. It was humbling. Blake is prepared. He had already read the Restoration pamphlet and understood most of it. We went over it and further explained the priesthood. When it came time to recite the restoration, He felt the spirit so strongly. Never had I ever experienced a lesson in a public place like this (the student center on EKU campus, it is usually loud :/) and the spirit be so strong. 

When he looked up, we asked him how it made him feel and he looked at us dumbfounded because his eyes were filled with tears and he was filled with joy and love. Sister Jones felt impressed to ask him "has this message answered any of your prayers?" and he said "yes, I have been praying for my life to get better and I think this is the answer." HOW AWESOME!!! We were so pleased with this lesson and strive to have every lesson to be like this one-  spirit led!!!!! Pray for BLAKE!! :) 

The YELLOW revelation. So yesterday we came in for dinner and were planning on doing some training also. Sister Jones had the strong impression that we needed to go back out ASAP. I looked at her and said "OK, let's go!" We prayed before we left and the color yellow popped into our head. Our map is color coded so we can organize people and places better. The yellow zone on our map is not safe to go in after dark. It is not lit, filled with drugs and just very unsettling. I looked at Sister Jones like she was crazy. I wasn't about to go to the yellow zone!!! Well, we start walking, literally we are 100 steps from out front door, and across the street from us is a yellow house. Just so happens there was a young man sitting outside and we were able to share with him the Because He Lives video, set a return appointment and share our message with him. Sometimes revelation isn't always what it seems! FOLLOW PROMPTINGS!!!

I also met Jehovah's witnesses this week.  They were incredibly nice and opened my eyes to their religion.  I have had many misconceptions about JW's and these two sweet women helped me understand better.  It made me think about the people who have misconceptions of our religion and how it is confusing sometimes.  Luckily, that is why there are missionaries!! We laughed over the fact that we always get confused for each other.  

These are just the highlight miracles! There are always more, but I cannot type fast enough or have enough time to write them all! I seriously wish I could just wear a go-pro and send home the footage! 

THIS WORK IS JOYOUS!  The joy I feel when I share the gospel is unexplainable.  It is so incredible.  It is what needs to be happening.  Member missionary work is important too! Don't forget that! I LOVE THE WORK.  I LOVE MY SAVIOR. 

Stay Rad. Stay Righteous.  

Happy Easter! :) Take some time to reflect on the Atonement of Jesus Christ this week.  It is the most powerful thing! :) 

much love, 
Sister Hannah

*Every day on the website they will have a different bible video about the saviors life leading up to Easter! IT IS AWESOME! 


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