Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

What a wonderful week we had that lead up to the most incredible weekend.  Easter AND General Conference!!! 

Easter takes on a whole new meaning as a missionary! I LOVE THE ATONEMENT so much and I love teaching about it.  As Easter approached, it was just ANOTHER reason to bring it up to everyone! Everyone in Kentucky already believes in Jesus so the conversation starts easy.  People want to hear what we have to say because they already LOVE Jesus.  The #BecauseHELives video was a huge hit and I enjoyed sharing it with everyone. I can't wait to get iPad's so we can just show people right then and there on the street! Pray that they will come soon!! :) 

This week in Richmond was spring break for EKU and all of Madison County Schools.  EVERYONE it felt like was out of town! Nonetheless, the Lord still blessed Sister Jones and I! Not too much happened, but here are some cool experiences and funny stories from the week: 

-IT WAS in the low 70's and BREEZY this week! :) LOVE.  It seriously felt like a California day.  I was at home, in love.  Sunshine makes missionary work that much better.  People are in happier moods and are more receptive! 

-We taught a less active member, Lindsay, who is 18. After we finished her lesson, she asked if she could just "hang out" with us for the day... We told her that we would be working hard and laboring in the service of God and she was like "ok, I just want to get out of the house!" She ended up walking around with us for about 6 hours, teaching and testifying beautifully. She was a trooper. We walked everywhere that day and it was HOT. We went to go teach another less active girl, Destiny, who she didn't know and she bore such sweet, pure testimony! It was incredible! I love bringing less actives out to teach with us because it strengthens them so much more than us teaching them! It is the experience that allows them to grow and progress! :) While she was out with us, we also met Thomas! He is a really cool guy from Kenya and was immediately interested in the gospel! So much so that we taught a lesson right then and there with him on his porch! This was so cool because it had never happened to me before! I know that Heavenly Father gave us this miracle because we brought a member out with us! 

-We had planned on going to an appointment that was possibly going to fall through because of spring break. Ma'kayla wasn't answering her phone and neither was her grandma who lives with her, so Sister Jones and I prayed for guidance on what to do. We received the revelation that we needed to go see a recent convert who we had not been able to get a hold of in three weeks. When we showed up to his house, HE WAS HOME!! We were able to teach him and figure out why he had been MIA. It was such an incredible blessing because ward members had been calling us concerned about him as well. We found Willie and all is well! :) 

Sister Hannah's rookie mistake of the week: 

We walk into subway for dinner. There is a guy standing in line ordering sandwiches. He looks at us and goes "oh hi Sisters!"
so we respond "hey! How are you?"
"Do you recognize me?"
Me: "yeah, give me one second! I got this!" 
I proceed to wrack my brain about a guys name Sister Heiner and I met outside the Copper Still Bar a few blocks up the road and I couldn't remember so I say:
"YEAH! you're that guy Sister Heiner and I met outside of the Copper Still bar right? And you were smoking and were so respectful and put the cigarette out in front of us!"
He responds with a sly grin on his face: "no, not quite, but I have a calling in the Primary!"

YES.  HE IS A MEMBER. *insert foot in mouth.* 

It was quite the funny situation! I am just grateful he had a good sense of humor! That story is going to get passed around the Richmond ward! HAHA! Leave it to Sister Hannah.  The best part is that he SPOKE in Sacrament only a few weeks ago... yep. So I definitely should have recognized him.  From now on, assume everyone is a member that approaches us in public! 

General Conference.
OH how amazing conference is.  To hear from our Prophet and Apostles and General Authorites! It is incredible! This last conference was NO exception! I loved every minute of it! I love how BOLD the speakers were.  Some of the MAIN themes I got from conference was:
-families are ESSENTIAL to God's plan.  
-Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN.
-Casual faith is not acceptable.  We need to be ALL IN.
-We need to be aware of satan and his temptations.  The world is going one way and God is staying the same.  Stick to what we know, do not let one question unravel everything we KNOW to be true.  

When you get the chance, go back and reread or rewatch conference! IT was inspiring! I can't wait until October now! :) So much good stuff!!

All is well in Richmond, KY.  Sister Jones and I are having a BLAST.  Even though our shower doesn't drain and our house flooded from the rain (and we might have black mold), I KNOW that God is MINDFUL of ME. He knows me personally and all of His children personally.  He is in the details of our lives and He desires to bless us.  Look for Him, Come to Him.  Let Christ Change You! 

Hearken to it and DO IT.  #RichmondBikeMotto

Much Love, 
Sister Hannah
GKLM (GREAT Kentucky Louisville Mission)

Picture 1: Happy Easter!
Picture 2: everything is turning green!!!
Picture 3: Richmond Missionaries! Elder Trost, Sister Jones, Sister Hannah, Elder Vanbeekum

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