Monday, April 27, 2015

"We are NOT Jehovah's Witnesses!"

This week was slower than last week and I am so grateful. I absolutely LOVE the crazy busy weeks, but sometimes, Sister Jones and I just need a more laid back week.  We definitely had our prayers answered! I was actually able to collect my thoughts before this email too! YAY!! 

Some highlights from this week: 
-We helped Sister Bryner make mormal decorations! (everyone here just calls it mo-pro, or Mormon Prom) There theme was Alice in Wonderland and it was INCREDIBLE!! Sister Bryner did a stunning job and the pictures we got to see were breathtaking! She made a rabbit hole to enter in from... yeah... the cultural hall looked NOTHING like a cultural hall! Totally transformed! 

-Sister Jones and I had the worst day ever... literally.  EVERY SINGLE ONE of our SET appointments fell through, except two.  We had a set appointment every single hour that day.... we rode across town multiple times to get from appointment to appointment only to be completely devastated when the person wasn't home.  We also ran into two baptist preachers that day and they were just so confusing... the gospel of grace? WHAT? That literally makes NO SENSE whatsoever... but hopefully one day they will be humble enough to hear the true gospel and accept it into their lives.  Both of these men pretty much told us since Jesus Christ already paid the price, they can go on sinning, without repenting, and they will be fine.... Don't think so buds, but good luck! They were interesting fellas. 
That night, we ended with two incredible lessons, however.  IT WAS SO POWERFUL! We had two lessons with members present in a members home.  There is something so special about having a lesson in a members home because the spirit is so much more powerful!! Both Taylor and Johnny were uplifted and able to FEEL the truthfulness of the gospel!!

-I just love my district.  The Richmond district in the Lexington Zone is AWESOME.  Granted, I miss the old district we had and Elder Waite as the district leader, but Elder Davidson is just incredible! His training's are always so prepared and spirit led! This week we were able to go over our patriarchal blessings in detail and really recognize the blessings we are promised! I encourage EVERYONE to do this! Make a copy of your blessing and then take notes on it, add scripture references and recognize the blessings promised to you, FROM HEAVENLY FATHER, in it! It is so eye-opening! :)

-We had the most solid Friday! I love Fridays, most of the time! We planned and then had back to back SOLID appointments! They all went so well and were spirit led! Those are seriously the coolest lessons because words just fall out of my mouth... it is not me speaking, but I am just an instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands! It ended with Blake at the Marchant's house for diner.  It was so powerful.  They are so kind as to allow us in their home and participate in a lesson! The lesson was on eternal families and temples.  THE TEMPLE IS KEY!! If we get our investigators focused on the temple, the true end goal, they will be more converted! Blake is SO excited to go to the temple! He can't wait for his baptism on May 16th and he is running with the gospel! He is truly so prepared and humble! Please pray for Blake! :)

-We had another tornado warning this week! YAY for Kentucky tornadoes!!! Sister Jones and I were not nearly as terrified this time around.  We can home, planned and went to bed as normal.... hahaha we are becoming as Kentucky is.  We got to bike home in the pouring rain though... that was fun and COLD!! It passed and the next day was gorgeous! 

-ALL WEEK, I kid you not, we ran into so many hesitant people... and I always had this odd prompting to tell them that we are not Jehovah's Witnesses.... so bizarre right? Well I think what happened was the JW's tracted everywhere where we were going and so all of these people thought we were the JW's.  Every single time, without fail, as soon as the words came out of my mouth "We are NOT Jehovah's witnesses!!!" the people immediately opened up and allowed us in their homes.  WHATEVER GETS US IN THE DOOR!! :) I just thought it was hilarious that the JW's get us in the door! 

-This Sunday.  What a day.  Sister Jones and I were put on the spot in Gospel Principles because no teacher showed up.  The Elders backed out of teaching the lesson and so we took charge.  Spirit led lesson, for sure.  It went well though!!

THEN, here we go again with my dang bike!! SISTER HANNAH's BIKE BROKE!!
We are biking to an appointment and my pedals start to wobble... not the little black pedal part, but the WHOLE metal mechanism that connects the pedals to the chain and whatnot.... so I tell Sister Jones we need to pull over and then all of the sudden my chain FALLS OFF!! yes... in the middle of biking to an appointment..... so we lock up our bikes and walk the rest of the way... I am so bad with bikes!

sister hannah + bikes/bike knowledge= NO

the Elders saved our life.  They picked up our bikes and took them to a member in the ward who knows bikes because just my luck, the bike shop is closed Mondays.  They told me what was wrong and are going to fix it for me.  Members are absolutely incredible! They take care of us so well! I am so extremely grateful for the generosity of the members! I love them! Thank you thank you! :)

And that was our week! I loved every second of it! I know that everything we went through was for our benefit and progression.  Heavenly Father is SO AWARE of each and every one of us, individually! I know it! 

stay rad
stay righteous!

much love from the GKLM!

Sister Hannah

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