Monday, June 15, 2015

Has it already been three weeks in Somerset?

Wow! I cannot believe how time is flying here in Somerset! This transfer is halfway over and I feel like it has just begun! This week was not a normal week! It was a miracle week! So many things happened! It was a blessing! :)

We started the week off with getting our bikes fixed and it wasn't as eventful as last time, no tires blew up! With our new and improved bikes we were able to see a lot more people and enjoy the heat.. oh yeah, it is now over 85 every day! *Yay!* I don't know how excited I am about that one yet.  Although, it has been more humid in Mission Viejo, so that is a plus! We are still only at 45% humidity... it will go up! Thankful to have a car this transfer! It is a huge blessing! 

Every week we volunteer at God's Food Pantry, a local food bank that feeds people here in Somerset.  This week we bagged carrots.  They got a pallet of 50lbs bags of carrots and we put them into smaller bags.  While we were doing this, a few other women were helping us.  We started talking about the gospel and it was so cool to compare beliefs with them.  One woman showed concern about her new pastor being picked and she didn't like the idea of how they were picking him.  It was the perfect opportunity to testify of the organization of the church! I love how the church is set up and she could see the clarity in it! We are led by a prophet as a whole, but in our congregations we have leadership as well.  It blew her away that none of our leaders are paid! As we were able to testify of the plain and precious truths of the gospel the spirit was so strong! I know that this truly is Christ's church once again on the Earth today!!

This was the lucky week of the transfer because we were blitzed by our sister Training Leaders, Sister Taylor and Sister Ward!! I was with Sister Ward one last time! (she goes home at the end of this transfer!) Blitz is similar to exchanges, but because we are so far south, we double up our area for the day and all four missionaries work it.  IT is AWESOME! I love blitz! Sister Ward and I were able to teach Patsy, our investigator preparing for baptism and went on the hunt for less active members.  It was so awesome! We made a dent in our list.  In the somerset Branch there are over 100 less actives or people who we just don't know.  We are trying to get in contact with all of them! It is a task, but we can do it! I received so much counsel and training from Sister Ward, it was wonderful! We had the best time! I just love her! I told her I will keep her in my suitcase, because she can't leave! That is honestly the saddest part about being on a mission.  You make friends with the other missionaries you serve with and then they are transferred away or they go home! :( The only thing worse than that is when a super solid investigator drops us or people with so much potential don't progress.  Missionary work is hard for many reasons, but those are the hardest things about it! 

We had Zone Meeting this week in Lexington and it was so fun to travel up there and see all of our Zone! We received some incredible counsel about being BOLD with everyone we see.  We can't save them if we are too scared to speak up!  This gospel is their eternal salvation.  Their eternal life is at stake!!! 

Some Miracles from this week! 
-We taught a lady in our branch named Cora.  She is returning back to activity after being gone for a long time.  She finally set a date to quit smoking and is SO EXCITED to go to the temple! She understands the gospel and is strengthening her testimony each and everyday! As we have been helping her come back, my testimony of daily scripture study and prayer has been strengthened even more. I know that when we take that time to work on our relationship with our Heavenly Father, we will be blessed! We will have the spirit with us and we will have a better day! 

-We found and taught Sonia! Ok, so Sonia literally lives out in the middle of nowhere, Science Hill.  You get off the interstate and go 15 miles west... into the most gorgeous part of Kentucky I have ever seen.  As the GPS took us there I had this constant prayer in my heart that we were on the right path and that when we got there she would actually be home.  The power of prayer is real.  She was home and ready to learn.  Sonia is so extremely humble.  We taught her the first lesson and she just sat there contemplating it the entire time.  "I need to know more," she kept saying, and "this just makes sense."  She is so ready to accept the gospel, it is incredible! I look forward to watching her progress! She is the mother of our other investigator, Patsy.  I know that as they explore the gospel together, it will strengthen them as a family! We are working on getting them both to the temple! Patsy is married to a member who is less active, Matt.  We are so excited to help them become an eternal family! They will be there soon! :)

Kentucky continues to amaze me with it's stunning greenery and just breathtaking beauty.  It gets more and more green everyday and the fireflies at night literally make it looks like the firlds are twinkling.  God's creations are marvelous! The gospel is true, God is Good and the book is blue!!

Stay RAD.
Stay righteous! 

Much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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