Monday, August 24, 2015

Fwd: YALL be steppin!

This week. Man. Insanity. Kick butt week.

Tuesday rocked. We had 5 set appointments and they all went through! WOOHOO!
We taught Sonia about Joseph smith and clarified a lot for her. We
read Joseph smith history and it was so Powerful! She clearly
understood why we need a prophet and was again reminded of the
importance of the Book of Mormon. Sonia is just incredible. She loves
the Lord so much! We also were able to teach Billy and help him
understand the Word of Wisdom. Billy is awesome and is not looking
forward to is actual baptism, but is looking forward to being a member
of the true church. (He had a previous bad experience with being dunked)
 He keeps telling us that he knows it is true! We
were then able to finish the night with Austin and Whitney! We even
got to take austins last bit of chew me with us! To dispose of,
definitely not for our own use! We taught them the word of wisdom and
they are extremely excited to be baptized and sealed! We can't wait
for them! They are temple bound!

Wednesday was slow key day! Sister Starkey was sick and so we went and
volunteered at gods food pantry and then came home to rest. Her
stomach was not her friend. I understand the stomach flu and
missionary work. They don't mix, so I made her rest. We went and saw
Teresa and taught her some of the restoration and the had to run to
the Bohannons for dinner. I celebrated the big 2-0 with them and had
cake and party poppers and a grand time! I absolutely love them! It
was a wonderful time. 20 is weird. I still don't know how I feel about
it. We finished the night at coordination. We finally had it, brother
working is alive and the work in Somerset is thriving!

Thursday was NUTS. we went and helped sister purser at the library and
she treated us to lunch. We walked down there and then were going to
walk to the rest of our appointments. Well we didn't sync our iPads
so our schedules didn't matchup. We thought "oh it is 12:30, we will go
to brother Alexander's early and then come home and plan. We get half
way there and completely forget we had an appointment with our Spanish
investigator, Estrella. We turn back to run home and realize we are
more than halfway to Estrella's house. So we literally BOOK IT there.
Sister starkeys lil legs were going so fast. Some random sweet black
lady yelled at us "YALL are steppin'!" Yes ma'am we sure are! Well we
made it to her appointment and then brother Alexander's and to the
rest of our day, but man were were steppin all day long. It became our
motto. We finished the night with brother Goleman and billy and it was
an awesome lesson on faith. Brother Goleman really got billy thinking!

Friday we had district meeting and it went well. We have five new
missionaries in our district and so all companionships are training.
It is so sweet! After that we ran around like chickens with our heads
cut off and ended up teaching Austin no Whitney about the Ten
Commandments. It was a powerful lesson! They are so rad and we love
them so much! Their focus is the temple and they will do anything to
get there! That is the main goal! The temple is where we want to be!

Saturday. Eventful but also not. We weekly planned and helped Mike and
Brenda move. I must be in Kentucky or something because I literally
witnessed the most hillbilly move. It was so wonderful. We were moving
two fridges and so the two guys slap them in the truck, one horizontal
and one vertical. The tied the horizontal one down and just left the
vertical one lay flat on the rubber in the back of the truck. "Yeah,
thatll be just fine." Did I mention it was tied down with clothes
line? Hahaha this was priceless. The two guys moving even said
"yep,this is how we Kentuckians do it." So we embark on the 20 mile
drive out to nancy and I blew past the fridge truck because the last
thing I wanted was a fridge on the engine.... The fridges made it safe
and all was well. I love Kentucky. So much. We finished that night up
at Billy's with the Cooks. We clarified the plan of salvation from the
spirit world on and then challenged billy to bring a question to
church tomorrow. It was a powerful lesson!

Sunday. BEST DAY OF THE WEEK. Wow. My only word to describe it. Billy came to church! he
brought his question. HE GOT AN ANSWER. it was so so so powerful. His
question was "lord, show me where you want me." He was touched by the
tender spirit we heat our meetings. He was tearing up in Sunday school
and really enjoyed priesthood! And after the block we asked him if he
got an answer. He responded "yes, I will be back next week." YES YES
super prepared & ready child of God! She accepted everything we had to
teach her and accepted a baptismal date too! WOHOOO! Blessings
blessings blessings! We finished the night at Billy's church. A deal's
a deal. He came to ours, we will go to his. It was extremely
different. I couldn't feel the spirit while the preacher was preaching
because he was, quite frankly, screaming at us. There was seldom time
I could feel the spirit except when music was being played. Just a
very different service. If I didn't already have a testimony of the
church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I sure do now! The spirit
is one of the greatest blessings in my life! It was interesting to see
the people worship at this church and see how devout they were. They
were doing the very best they could to worship God, but they were and
are missing something. The fullness. They don't have the priesthood,
they don't have the Book of Mormon and they don't have a living day
prophet. As Jesus Christ's authorized representative, I testify in his
name that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has ALL the
truth, the fullness of doctrine and the priesthood power to receive
full and complete salvation and exaltation. There is no other church
on the earth that can give us exactly that, none. It is all or
nothing. I'm so extremely grateful that I have the fullness, that I
have clarity, that I have the spirit of God with me. I know that this
is Jesus Christ's church and I know that it is true!

Missionary work has a whole new meaning. It is real, it is powerful
and it is necessary! We must save those lost souls who are seeking for
the truth but "they know not where to find it!"

I love the Lord, I love this work and I love my calling!

Much love,
Sister Hannah


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