Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas is here!

Dinner and a Movie + 5 Thanksgivings!

This week I have more time because it is back to low key p-days! Last week we went on a hike with the Corbin sisters and the London elders and the member who took them, sister McLaughlin. It was a blast. We drove to Corbin and hiked "dog slaughter falls". It was stunning. It was also a little bit cold. So worth it. Sister Schultz and I had been going back and forth as to wether we should go or not because it would eat up our p-day, but it ended up being the best thing ever! The hike was easy and super fun! I love being around other missionaries! Well worth the day! :)

Tuesday we were blitzed by our lovely sister training leaders from jessamine county, sister bush and sister Taylor. I had the pleasure of being with sister bush and I loved it! I actually took her spot here in Somerset when I came down. It was so fun to share Somerset stories and get all of her Somerset knowledge! I truly do love this area so so much! We ended the night at the Stettler's home. I never expected to have dinner and. Movie on my mission, but nothing surprises me anymore. Haha! I love Kentucky. But anyway, we watched a powerful movie on the Book of Mormon over dinner and dessert. It was the story of the power of the Book of Mormon. There was an Italian man who came across the Book of Mormon without a title or title page. He was a pastor of some sort and when he found the book, he read it, prayed about it and found it to be true. He started to preach it at his services, was excommunicated from his church and for 40 years searched for the church. He finally came across 'mormons' in a dictionary, found that byu had been established and wrote a letter to the school asking to be baptized! Long story short, he had to wait 30 years, through both world wars, to finally be baptized and partake of the temple covenants! Incredible and powerful story of the pure truth and power of the Book of Mormon! 

Wednesday was a "Wham bam, thank you Heavenly Father!" Kind of day! We went out to lunch with a member who has stellar faith. Sister purser was baptized 40 years ago and has held tight to the iron rod. Her husband isn't a member, but she puts all of her trust in the lord and knows he will make everything happen! She blows me away, a true example! We received two referrals this day also! Blessings! As we went to contact one of the referrals that was closer to us we faced some serious opposition. There was a man yelling at us down the street "you preach false doctrine! False doctrine!" And that is when I knew it was going to be a great night! When Satan is on high alert, something good is around the corner. We met this man, Judd, the referral, and he was a member of the church. Was. He had been baptized 5 years ago and then left the church but now has questions and is rethinking his decision of leaving. We set a return appointment. Miracle 1. as we left Judd's house, we stopped and talked to Peggy. Peggy moved to Kentucky from Arizona and was about to be baptized into the church but them moved. She knew God had placed us in her path right then and there. She told us how she was never out at this time in the night and she hasn't seen missionaries in a long time. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment as well. Miracle 2. Then, we continue our journey home and stop to chat with a guy on his motorcycle. We start talking and realize we both know people in Northern California. It was his family and they are all Mormon... What? Yeah. He knew a guy who was in my singles ward who recently married and moved up north. Wow. Small world. He was in a hurry so we asked him if he knew anyone who could use a message about Christ and he said "yeah, go see my brother." His name is Brian and he lives on the other side of town. He starts to spell his last name for me and I also dropped my iPad. Brian, this mans brother, is the Brian I have been looking for FOR MONTHS. this is the Brian who when sister starkey and I were entering our paper data into our iPads stuck out like a sore thumb. This is the Brian whose street, walnut, there are three of in Somerset. This is the Brian who I tried to find again three days ago. Like I said, I almost dropped my iPad, my jaw hit the ground and I was speechless. Thank goodness for companions. I walked away flabbergasted that I had just had the confirmation that I have been searching for! I need to find the Brian and start teaching him again! And now we know where he lives too! Miracle 3. It was quite the night. MIRACLES. THEY ARE REAL. 

Thursday was thanksgiving, as you all know! It was a wonderful day! We weren't allowed to go out and teach so we spent the day with members! It was awesome! We started at the Bohannons and mid warming everything up, the power went out. We all thought it was a breaker because everything was running. Turns out the entire street lost power (and then some. The intersection by their house was down too.). We quickly figured out a plan B which landed us at the church building! A few more preparations and it was time to eat! I am still full from that meal. The Bohannon's go all out. I love them. It is crazy! We had turkey and ham (thank you grandma, it was delicious!) and every side you can possibly imagine. It all ended with pecan pie. (Side note, I just discovered pecan pie on Wednesday with sister purser and now I am in love.) I love pecan pie. The food coma began there and after we cleaned up we headed over to the Vitrul's. Thankfully, they made us a Togo bag and we chatted for an hour. They are the sweetest couple! With the food coma fully induced, we headed to the Goleman's. We tried some family recipes that were to die for and we're officially stuffed. The night didn't end there though! We went to an investigators home, Jennifer, and finished with butterfinger cake and jello cake. Yes, I will be fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. So much food. So many blessings. So much tone grateful and thankful for! Missionaries truly are taken care of! We came home and trimmed our tree. It is officially Christmas time! WOOOHOO! A movie and digesting finished off our wonderful thanksgiving night! 

Friday was almost typical. District meeting with the crew minus the Schuening's and then lessons! We taught a guy named Dakota and he is so sincere. He is ready to make changes in his life. I was able to beR powerful testimony of repentance and the atonement to him and I could feel the spirit touch his spirit. Please pray for him! Dakota is prepared for the gospel! 

Friday night led us to Thanksgiving round 2! (Or 5...?) with the wonderful Syphax family + the in laws, Steve and Shirley Syphax, and the Stettler's! It was a party! It felt like I was home. Six of my favorite people, plus my amazing companion. Good food, great laughs and so much love. I adore these people. These are my people! I know I knew them before this life! I have adopted them as my own, for sure!  It was a blissful night and a wonderful way to wind down the week! I think I will be full for the rest of the year. 

Sunday we watched God work in not only our lives but our members lives. We had a member call us and tell us how she was struggling the night before last. She and her family were out of food and money due to a medical emergency. She called to ask us if we had been by her house and we said "no we're actually in nancy!" (15 miles out of town) apparently, someone had left $103 dollars on their windshield and another person had dropped off a bag of food at their door...and then they received help for some other financial issues. It was and is truly amazing to see how the Lord blesses his people and takes care of them! In Sunday school we were learning about service and hearing this miracle story from this woman was the icing on the cake. Service all boils down to love; we are motivated by love. Christ did everything he did out of love for each one of us and likewise, that is why we should serve! 

Here are some highlights from the lesson: 

"Christlike service grows out of genuine love for the Savior and of love and concern for those whom He gives us opportunities and direction to help. Love is more than a feeling; when we love others, we want to help them. Through the service of men and women and boys and girls, God's work is done. We must remember that God works through us. . We must serve others to gain eternal life. God has said that those who live with Him must love and serve His children (see Matthew 25:34–40). When we willingly serve others in the spirit of love, we become more like Christ." (Chapter 28, gospel principles manual) 

I am grateful for my savior who loved me so much he gave his life for me. I am grateful to be a full time representative of him, sharing truth and light to all those who can hear my voice. I know my redeemer lives. I know the gospel is truer than true. I have no doubt about that. 

Much love from the GKLM,

Sister Hannah 

grateful for my companion!
thanksgiving with the Bohannon Family

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I found Grandma Nancy in Nancy!

reppin in KY!

MH for the win!

feels like a California thanksgiving!

a few of my favorite people!

Steve and Shirley Syphax
Robert and Susan Syphax
David and Ladean Stettler

thanksgiving round 5 at the Syphax home!

jump fails

after thanksgiving we brought Christmas out!


some funnies

Thanksgiving with the Bohannons

we end up at the church! #blessings

when the power goes out....

the food coma

thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving with my Josie!

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Sent from my iPadSister bush, me, sister Schultz, sister Taylor

Monday, November 23, 2015

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The group

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Me and the frog we found!

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The icicles we found!

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My cute companion!

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Hiking buddy, Wes!

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At the falls!

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Hiking adventures

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behind the water

at the waterfall


hiking today!

the little bit of snow we got!

lunch with the corbin sisters!

lunch with the corbin sisters

Sister K and Sister N