Monday, March 28, 2016

Outside the church building in our matching sweaters! Haha

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Happy Easter! Love the 4th Ward sisters!

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Hermana Rees, Hermana little. Sister holt, sister hannah

Transfers :/

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The Walters Family!

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The Burtons!

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Louisville 4th Ward! What? There is a number?

Someone in gospel principles this week said "They pay ain't great
working for the Lord, but the blessings are out of this world!" How
true is that!

This week was hard, but we saw so many blessings! Adjusting to
Louisville is taking a little bit longer than I expected; it is a
completely different vibe and area than I could have ever been
prepared for. City. Huh? What does that even mean? I am in Kentucky!
Haha! But it is getting better! There are so many people, so many
wards, so much stuff! Wow! I went to Indiana for the first time this
week too! Woohoo! That was crazy, weird and exciting! We have a unique

We saw some cool miracles this week:
We have been showing everyone our #hallelujah video and a few hours
after we got in one night, a random number texted us and said "I was
deeply moved by your video and I want to know more." That was so cool!
:) we look forward to teaching them more. They are currently out of
town, so Now it is a waiting game! Haha!

We visited a less active, sister Caple, who started talking about a
family in this Ward named the Dietz. I jumped up and was asked "as in
Jason Dietz who is a professor at BYUI?" And she said "yeah!" This was
the craziest thing ever because he was my English professor up at
school! I never thought I would serve in his Ward here, but now I am!
Such a small world! It made me realize how truly involved God is in
the details!

We got a referral for a man named Robin. We went over to teach him and
his little sister kenniya wanted to join too! We taught them and they
both accepted baptism! They were intrigued with the Book of Mormon! I
am so excited to go back and teach their whole family! Referrals for
the win!

Easter Sunday was incredible. It was just what I needed! Being able to
partake of the sacrament is such a blessing. I love the peace and
comfort I feel As I attend church and worship my father in heaven and
renew my covenants! We then went over to a recent converts house,
sister hutcherson, and shared a meal with her whole family! They are
all so great. We got into a gospel discussion with some and shared the
Book of Mormon with them. Right as we were about to testify, sweet
sister hutcherson chimes in and bears her testimony! She is such an
amazing member missionary!

Something cool I took from relief society:
Can you See that someone who knows exactly how you feel, can be your
best friend?
- give aid
- Pull in
- Comfort
- Strengthen
- Support
- Give hope
- Starting place
None of that has to do with our sins. This is the enabling power of
the atonement.
This is a hard test, but it is an open book test! Everything I will go
through or have gone through is in the scriptures or can be found in
revelation from the scriptures.

And last but not least, welcome to Louisville, where people hit on us
all the time.
Names called this week:
Baby girl

All is well! I know that my Redeemer lives and that sweet sentence
brings me so much comfort and peace! The Gospel is true. The Book is

❤️ so much love from Louisville,
Sister Hannah

Monday, March 21, 2016

The wheelers!

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Kristy, Dwaine,jack and Katie!

Home away from home! I love these people!

Last time seeing Sarah Bryner for a while!

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I love this woman!

Bishop BobSmith!love this man!

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The omo guys

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Forever UK

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My boys! Ilove these kids!

Sent from my iPadAnthony, Colton,max (the dog), Isaiah!

The Omohundro fam!

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The die hard uk fans!
Jacob, Matt, Resendez, me, Leslie, John

THe Mork Family!❤️

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Three of my most favorite people on the planet!

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That one time I got h-pylori too!

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Shocked and Surprised!


Well it was a week! Craziness never ends! There is always something.
Missionary work is the best thing that I have ever done!

I was blessed to go to the cute town of Paris, Ky this week! We went
on another exchange with Hermana Laub and Hermana Linares. It was much
needed! Hmn Linares is fresh out of training and training hmn Laub!
They both are kinda lost. It was a really effective exchange though!
We helped them to get the ball rolling! I was with Hermana Linares in
Paris and we had a blast! I met some amazing people and we had a weird
interaction with a hard core anti baptist kid. He ended up listening
to us and we taught him the restoration on the sidewalk. He ended up
agreeing to let the English speaking elders come over and teach him
more! Success! :) I love missionary work!

We met with our investigators, Greg and Chritsial on Wednesday. It was
a powerful lesson! We walked in and they had a friend there. They told
us that they want her to hear the gospel because it has already helped
them so much. Christian proceeds to ask for a copy of the Book of
Mormon for KK. She gives her the book and turns open to the testimony
of the prophet Joseph smith and tells her to read it. When KK was done
was looks at her and asked "so how did it make you feel?" WHAT. That
is my question! I sat there dumbfounded. Just in shock. These two
people are seriously incredible! Then on Friday, We shared with them
the gospel of Jesus Christ that has been laid out for us to follow and
obey. They both recognized that by living the gospel they would be
blessed immensely and it would be worth giving up all of the things
holding them back! They feel already, before we even teach them, that
they are making mistakes and need to correct them to be in line with
God's commandments! Chritsial told us she would need a ride to church
because Greg had to work. We prayed really hard that he would be able
to get off or have something happen so he could make it to church and
on Saturday night we got a text "we won't need a ride! Gregs schedule
got switched and he works the afternoon so he can come to church!"
Miracles are happening! It is so amazing to see their progression!
They are so prepared and are taking the restored gospel with Stride!
Please pray that they will continue along the right path!

On Friday I had a really cool experience. We were out biking and
talking with everyone and sister Resendez went to talk to a guy a
little ways up the road and I stopped to talk to a woman on her porch.
I didn't realize that sister Resendez had gone up the road when I
started talking to this woman. I felt someone behind me, supporting me
and encouraging me, and I thought it was just sister Resendez. As I
turned to leave after talking with this woman, I realized no one was
behind me. I know that there was someone and that they were
encouraging me and giving me moral support. We have more help from
beyond the veil. I know it! This work is truly eternal! :)

Saturday was probably the craziest day of my life. Sister Resendez was
on edge all morning because it was transfer calls. I knew I would be
staying because I have only been here two transfers... And we get a
call from president. My heart sank. I don't want to leave sister
Resendez, I don't want her to leave! We answered with shaky voices and
president said: "hi sister Resendez, is your companion, sister hannah,
there?" The tables turned. Uh oh. Why does he want to talk to me?
Well, because I'm getting transferred. :( I'm going to Brookside in
Lousiville! I was devastated and completely shocked. I wasn't
expecting it, but I know that the Lord has more in store for me. It
will all work out! :) I have faith that it will be alright, but it
just sucks to be leaving Winchester and sister Resendez! Soon, we will
get to hang out again and party it up in Idaho! So after all of that
craziness I went to the doctor and was told I have h-pylori too! The
same thing that sister Resendez has! So that was insane.

Anyway, all will be well! I know that the Lord is in control of
everything and there is work for me to do in Louisville! It has been
such a blessing to serve in Winchester with sister Resendez and I know
we were meant to be here together for these two transfers! The church
is true, the book is blue!

So much love,
sister hannah

Monday, March 14, 2016

This is our companionship. To the T.

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At the urgent care for sister r!

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Today at the top of natural bridge!

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Go to bed tired and wake up exhausted!

This week was awesome! We saw so many blessings and miracles!

Here are some awesome stories from this week!
* We had sister pool fall in our lap. This was the craziest thing.
Heavenly Father totally blessed us! We were out walking after our
appointment wasn't there and we stopped to talk to this guy. He was on
his way out to work but said "you can go talk to her!" The woman
saying goodbye to him through the window! She welcomed us in and we
taught her the restoration right there and she accepted a baptismal
date! Wow! Instant blessings!:) later in the week we had another
lesson with Crystal! In Crystals humble lesson, she said: "my fiancé
was talking about being baptized too." She is absolutely incredible.
Our miracle for sure. We went over to teach her the plan of salvation
and the word of wisdom. She accepted all of the doctrine and at the
end said "right now, I would be in the Middle Kingdom." We were able
to testify of baptism and the atonement which would allow her to be in
the celestial Kingdom! She then told us that she had been talking to
her fiancée and he has an interest in being baptized too. She told us
that they would be at church on Sunday! I am so beyond thrilled for
her and her cute little family! Crystal and Greg came to Church! The
time change made them wake up late, BUT they still came! They are
determined! This woman is seriously incredible! When Greg came, it was
his first time meeting with us and coming to church. We were able to
teach him the restoration and set a baptismal date with him! They are

* BOSTON BOB. SWEDISH BIKINI TEAM. This man, he was hilarious. We bike
up to him and he says "I don't wanna talk to you!" In his Boston
accent. He really didn't. He was a big old biker dude. So we start
talking to him about non gospel stuff and he instantly softens up and
tells us he is in a biking club. Not a gang. We were chastised for
calling it a gang. They are the peacemakers. The slogan is PFFP.
Peacemakers forever forever peacemakers. Pretty cool guy. He told us
he was in the witness protection program and that he was waiting for
his old lady. 😂 and then he gave us our biker names. I was Swedish
Bikini team. Because I'm part Swedish...this guy made us laugh sooo
hard! I don't think I can post the picture we have of him because he
might actually be in the witness protection program. Funniest contact
of my life.

* Spirit world epiphany. Holy cow. This was one of the craziest
moments. We were talking to a guy and he was like "I know the Lord, I
have died 17 times." so we inquired what it is like on the other side.
He proceeded to tell us "it was horrible and hellish. This life is way
better!" And then it occurred to both of us as to why he felt that
way. He doesn't have the fullness of the gospel and so when he went to
the other side he was in spirit prison! No wonder it was awful and
hellish! And the other people we knew who are members of the church
who have passed to the other side and come back have told us that it
is peaceful. It was a huge testimony to me of the plan of salvation.
This is a real plan, it does exist. The spirit world is a real place!

* We headed across town and were talking with everyone, because that's
just our nature. We meet these two people. Jess and Millie. They were
both digging through the trash searching for treasures. We were
talking to them and Millie was a total drug addict.. Jess was a
hipster from lex. We are sitting there and Millie is just
complacent... We and Jess start talking to her and Jess ends up taking
over the conversation and testifying that we were sent for her to help
her change; God helps them who help themselves and all of this amazing
stuff that we were going to say. What? Yeah. And then he goes on and
says "I'm not religious." Huh? It was the coolest and weirdest thing
of my life.

* we met four less actives not on our roster. It was crazy. We stopped
to talk to everyone and four of them said "yeah I'm a member of your
church!" And they weren't on the records for the Winchester Ward. I
love finding those people because it makes me so happy to help them
come back to the gospel! And we have more accurate records. It is a
really neat feeling to experience running into someone and knowing you
were placed there to find them. God placed them in my path and I was
placed in theirs. It works both ways! These precious souls were lost,
but now they are found!

* We taught a lesson and set a bap date just on the side of the road
with Archie. This was a unique situation. Here we are just biking down
the road and Archie's smoking on his porch. We called up to him and he
walked down his lawn to talk to us. he was listening to the message
and he comprehended really well. He understood what we taught him and
accepted a baptismal date!

* Sister Resendez legitimately scared the crap out of me trying to get
rid of my hiccups. I had the hiccups really bad. I still wonder how
one gets those things. I'm driving along and all of the sudden she
just turns and shouts "BOO!" And for some reason I got really scared.
My delayed three second reaction was a blood curdling shriek followed
by laughter and tears. It was hilarious. This girl kills me. Too good.
Too good.

* The greatest miracle was when we Tried to figure out sister Resendez
stomach issues. The mission Nurse wouldn't help. She kept categorizing
sister r in the group of sisters that are stressed and about to go
home. She kept saying "try this for two weeks. Try this for a few
days." I finally put my foot down and just told her, "look this has
been going on for three months, everyone is telling us it is her
gallbladder except you, we are going to urgent care." We had called
the nurse 24/7 number on the insurance card. We called Jacob omo and
Katie wheeler to ask for their symptoms and about 4 other nurses...
People tell me that I have an inner attorney.. I wonder why. Hahaha
but it gets the business done. Sister r is not one to complain, she is
not one to be stressed about going home and she isn't one to go to the
doctor. So we Ended up at urgent care! Sweet sister wheeler called
sister Resendez mom and put her on speaker, explained the whole thing
and then her mom said "go to the doctor!" And when you hear it from
mom, you do it! I waited outside with Katie and they came out smiling!
"IT IS A PARASITE!" Finally, some sort of resolve! H Pylori is what it
is called. Everyone has it, it is everywhere. Hers is just acting up.
But we figured it out and that was a huge relief!

I am so grateful for this work. I am grateful for warm weather and
bikes! I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer! Prayer
works! God is good!

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

Monday, March 7, 2016

Our trip to Clay city

Sent from my iPadWe saw a car catch on fire!

Pday adventures. Katie doing sister Resendez' hair!

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Our trip to Clay city

Sent from my iPadWe saw a car catch on fire!

MLC March 2016

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With some other missionaries too!

MLC funnies

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Brough funnies

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Results take time to measure!

This week! Dang, this week and the last week have been a trial of my
faith. We have been doing everything in our power to work diligently
and use our time to the best of our ability. We haven't seen any
results. But, results take time to measure! The blessings are still
here, each and every day! We are just waiting for something big to
happen. Something has to break and it will break soon. Satan doesn't
have this much power!

On Tuesday we had the privilege to travel to Louisville for MLC
(mission leadership counsel) with all the zone leaders and sister
training leaders! It was an incredible meeting and exactly what I
needed! We were trained on setting more goals and actually evaluating
goals. President also spoke to us about he principles of being a
leader! So uplifting!

Wednesday we had a little fireside with the youth and it was cool! We
taught them about who they are and why that is so important in the
grand scheme of things. If you don't know who you are, you don't know
what you're doing! We are all children of God!

The miracle of the week was when we went out hunting for a guy named
Chad. We were walking down his street and saw a guy in the car. We
asked his if he knew Chad and he responded "I am Chad. That is me."
Wow! Blessings! We set up a return appointment, got a member to his
lesson and he was actually there! Woo! We had a powerful restoration
lesson with him and he said he would read and pray and think about

I know that the Lord is preparing people and that as I do what I have
been asked the miracles will come! It is after the trial of our faith
that we see the miracles! The work continues to roll on and I am so
grateful for this experience! I love this work,C even when it does get
hard! It is refining and worth every second!

So much love from the he GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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