Monday, March 28, 2016

Louisville 4th Ward! What? There is a number?

Someone in gospel principles this week said "They pay ain't great
working for the Lord, but the blessings are out of this world!" How
true is that!

This week was hard, but we saw so many blessings! Adjusting to
Louisville is taking a little bit longer than I expected; it is a
completely different vibe and area than I could have ever been
prepared for. City. Huh? What does that even mean? I am in Kentucky!
Haha! But it is getting better! There are so many people, so many
wards, so much stuff! Wow! I went to Indiana for the first time this
week too! Woohoo! That was crazy, weird and exciting! We have a unique

We saw some cool miracles this week:
We have been showing everyone our #hallelujah video and a few hours
after we got in one night, a random number texted us and said "I was
deeply moved by your video and I want to know more." That was so cool!
:) we look forward to teaching them more. They are currently out of
town, so Now it is a waiting game! Haha!

We visited a less active, sister Caple, who started talking about a
family in this Ward named the Dietz. I jumped up and was asked "as in
Jason Dietz who is a professor at BYUI?" And she said "yeah!" This was
the craziest thing ever because he was my English professor up at
school! I never thought I would serve in his Ward here, but now I am!
Such a small world! It made me realize how truly involved God is in
the details!

We got a referral for a man named Robin. We went over to teach him and
his little sister kenniya wanted to join too! We taught them and they
both accepted baptism! They were intrigued with the Book of Mormon! I
am so excited to go back and teach their whole family! Referrals for
the win!

Easter Sunday was incredible. It was just what I needed! Being able to
partake of the sacrament is such a blessing. I love the peace and
comfort I feel As I attend church and worship my father in heaven and
renew my covenants! We then went over to a recent converts house,
sister hutcherson, and shared a meal with her whole family! They are
all so great. We got into a gospel discussion with some and shared the
Book of Mormon with them. Right as we were about to testify, sweet
sister hutcherson chimes in and bears her testimony! She is such an
amazing member missionary!

Something cool I took from relief society:
Can you See that someone who knows exactly how you feel, can be your
best friend?
- give aid
- Pull in
- Comfort
- Strengthen
- Support
- Give hope
- Starting place
None of that has to do with our sins. This is the enabling power of
the atonement.
This is a hard test, but it is an open book test! Everything I will go
through or have gone through is in the scriptures or can be found in
revelation from the scriptures.

And last but not least, welcome to Louisville, where people hit on us
all the time.
Names called this week:
Baby girl

All is well! I know that my Redeemer lives and that sweet sentence
brings me so much comfort and peace! The Gospel is true. The Book is

❤️ so much love from Louisville,
Sister Hannah

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