Monday, May 23, 2016

Emergency transfer!

This week was one for the books, that is for sure!

I got a new companion! Well, she isn't new to me, but she is new in
the middle of the transfer! Sister Starkey from way back when in
somerset is my new companion! It is awesome to be with her because now
we both know what we are doing and are ready to go out and kill it! We
have both changed so much since last year! Haha it has been cool to
see the changes and maturity in ourselves! :) Who would have know that
at 16 months out I would get my trainee back because of an emergency
transfer! Haha crazy stuff!

Sister Starkey and I had such a great exchange that we just decided to
stay together! So we spent a few days in Olney and then came back to
mount Vernon together. Haha we really did have a wonderful time in
Olney. We decided Wednesday morning that we were going to apply some
PMG principle/ promise to the elder Koipsckhe faith walk. So we took
the principle from "addressing the importance of family" section in
chapter 9 and talked to everyone about their family. We were so
blessed! We taught two random other lessons which resulted in two new
investigators and were also able to get in to two less actives homes
and teach them as well. We spent the evening in a cute town called
Flora and saw a lot of success there talking with everyone and
teaching the less actives. The Lord provided as we took a step of
faith! It was so incredible!

When we returned back to Mount Vernon, nothing had been done here. I
don't know what they, my old companion and sister starkey's old
companion, did for the three days, but it was not productive. I feel
like I am white washing right now, but it is going to be good because
sister Starkey and I are going to get things up and running so she
will be fully prepared to train here! Binding the Lord is my favorite
doctrine to apply. I continually see the blessings as I bind him with
obedience. we are definitely seeing miracles as we just hunker down
and get of work!

I am excited to be here and working hard now with sister Starkey! Pray
that we can find more people because we are back at square one! Even
when the going gets a little tough, it is still so worth it! This is
the Lord's work and he provides! Here's to another great week in Mount

Much love,
Sister Hannah

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