Monday, May 9, 2016

Good ol Mt. Vernon!

Hi y'all!

I guess I can't really say that anymore because I'm not in Kentucky!
Haha! Indiana is definitely a change of everything. It is flat here! I
miss Kentucky like no other. It is so weird to not say "so how long
have you been in Kentucky?" Now it's "how long have you been in
Indiana?" Not much happened this week, so not much to report on!

Last Monday we had an insanely awesome pday. We went our with a bang.
Sister Holt and I ventured up to downtown Louisville and had THE hot
brown. From the brown hotel. It was delicious. Oh so very good! We
topped off our lunch with a slice of derby pie. The whole Kentucky
experience I have been waiting for for 15 months finally was had.
Delightful. At the end of the night we went and contacted a referral
from a member in the shively branch. We met and taught Eboni. It was
an emotional lesson for her because she had just experienced a really
difficult trial. At the end of teaching her, she asked about spiritual
gifts and if we believed in them. I had a really cool experience as
the spirit brought back to my mind where they were in the Book of
Mormon. He also reminded me of the lesson brother stettler taught in
somerset. Because of that knowledge that the spirit was able to draw
upon, we were able to answer her question! It was so cool to once
again see the promise fulfilled in the doctrine and covenants. (D&C
84:85 Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but
treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall
be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto
every man.)

We travelled to a place called New Harmony, IN. It is an old utopian
society. It was so gorgeous but had really creepy vibes. There is a
lot of potential there! That is also where all of our pictures are

Sister O'Keeffe and I had a unique week. This is going to be an
interesting transfer. We did see a sweet and simple miracle though! We
were out trying a potential investigator and sister o suggested that
we knock on another door. So we did and devion answered the door. He
said he didn't have time to talk but we asked him if he had five
Minutes. He agreed and we were able to teach him the restoration and
set a baptismal date! It was awesome!

I love this work so much! I know that it truly is the work of the
Lord! This is His mission! Here's to the last few months of killing
it, finishing strong and going out with a bang!

So much love from the GKLM!
Sister Hannah

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