Monday, May 30, 2016

PS: you run really fast!

Sister Starkey and I have decided that we both have really weird
things happen to us individually on our missions. But combined, we
just have the weirdest and craziest things happen. For example, only
while we are using the bathroom at the library do all the lights go
out... And only in the bathroom is the power shut off. This doesn't
just happen to other people!

We have way too much fun together. I am so blessed to have round two with her!

So this week was a little crazy. Here are some of our stories!

1. WE FOUND AN INVESTIGATOR! Shelley! She is awesome! We were trying a
now former investigator and we stopped to talk to Shelly on her way
out of the complex. She was in a rush and we told her we would be back
that night. When we came she let us right in. We were able to share
the message of the restoration with her and she was understanding of
what we taught. She told us that she really wanted to read and explore
the Book of Mormon because she had never been exposed to it. We are
excited to see her progression in the gospel!
We had a cool experience in the lesson where she was inquiring about
baptism. We extended the invitation to be baptized and she didn't
understand why she needed to be baptized again. We explained about
priesthood authority and then she brought up the concern that baptism
isn't actually necessary. So we flipped with her to John 3:5 and
shared it. She was surprised to see it in "her bible" and not only
that but she had it highlighted. It reminded me of the scripture that
talks about how we won't be confounded before men when they bring up
points against the doctrine if we put in our effort into studying and
how they will be confounded because the spirit testifies of truth.
They just don't know what to say. I love how bold and true the
scriptures are.

2. Sister Starkey and I tried to find a less active. We drove past the
house and missed it, so we turned around and missed the narrow
driveway, so we had to turn around again. In between the second pass
of the house we realized this woman was sitting outside on her porch.
As we turned back around she BOOKED IT into her house. Dang she ran
fast! And as usual we still go up to try and talk to her. She didn't
answer the door, typical of someone who runs from us, and we left a
note. The note read as follows: "hey sister oglesby! We are sad that
we missed you! We are both new to the area and wanted to get to know
you! Please give us a call! -the sister missionaries." And the nice
little touch on the back "ps, you run really fast!" I really hope she
has a good sense of humor!

3. Last Sunday after church, a sister who served here stopped by our
house to give us a referral. Tender mercy! On Wednesday we decided to
go and stop by! The Vaal's were taught by missionaries in the past and
the previous missionary said that we should go see them because they
are potentially ready now! We pulled up just in time to meet them
outside and we were able to talk to brother and sister Vaal and
address some of their concerns from the past. It was amazing to see
how much they had changed from the previous missionaries records until
now. Sister Vaal said "I would be a member, I feel drawn to the
church, I just have some hang ups with Joseph smith." Done. We can
help resolve those. They are both so humble and ready to receive the
fullness of the gospel! It is incredible! We are so excited! That is
two more investigators to add to our teaching pool. We are being so
blessed!:) We were able to share the restoration with them later in
the week and they were so accepting of it all. They believe the Book
of Mormon is true and that the church is good, but they just need a
testimony of Joseph Smith! Please pray that brother and sister Vaal
can receive that testimony!

Later that night while out walking, we met a super funny guy named
jimmy who told us: "You go out and you get a career and you kick
*butt* and then you say here I am come and get me! BUT DONT GET
MARRIED UNTIL YOURE AT LEAST 25. You two are beautiful girls. Go out
and kick *butt*!!!!!" It definitely gave us a good laugh. He clearly
doesn't understand Mormon culture.

4. The coolest miracle I saw for myself this week was late one night
as we were walking to hit our TWE (talk with everyone) goal. We needed
5 more people to reach our goal and it was 8:30pm. It was dark and
Erie. The calm before the storm. We started walking the faith cycle.
Literally, used our chevro-legs and went out. No one was outside. No
one. We managed to stop two people on a motor cycle, ran and stopped a
lady getting out of her driveway and still needed two more. As we
walked past an empty garage I felt the Spirit prompt me "yell 'hello
how are you?'" I thought about it, thought how weird it was, but I did
it anyway. What could it hurt right? Well, nothing happens from the
garage. We keep walking and as I look inside the house as we walk by,
I see a woman approach the open window and yell out at us "hello? Who
are you?" What the heck? Yes! She heard us from her kitchen and came
to talk to us! It was so bizarre and crazy but a TWE nonetheless! As
we finished our walk home, three more people were placed in our path
and we were able to exceed our goal. God provides as we do what he
directs! Isaiah 55:8-9 ¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are
higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my
thoughts than your thoughts. I know that that it true!

The highlight of the week though was when I found out Heather, a good
friend I was teaching in Louisville, got baptized! I am so excited for
her and the covenant she made with our Heavenly Father this weekend!
Congratulations Heather! :)

The gospel is true, the teachings are sound. I know that the Book of
Mormon is the word of God. I love this work with all of my heart! It
truly is the Lord's work!

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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