Monday, June 6, 2016

Hard isn't bad, it is just hard! Endure it well! :)

Well this week was not really one for the books. It was hard, really
hard. But hard is not bad, it is just hard! All four of our
investigators that we found last week dropped us, so we are back to
square one! It seems like every time this happens, there is something
amazing around the corner! There are miracles here for us, there are
prepared people. Missionary work is like finding the needle in the
haystack. I guess I need a bigger magnet! Haha!

We were blessed with a lot of service to do this week. Every time we
would think "oh no, we have tried everyone in our plans for this
hour..." We would get a phone call from the library or our landlord
asking for help. Or we would see someone mowing their lawn on the
street and offer to help. It was a tender mercy! Heavenly Father
always seems to deliver right in time of need!

President came to our district this week and interviewed all of us! It
was my last interview with him. It is so weird to think I have been
through 6 other interviews. Time really does fly. He is hilarious and
I just love sister Brough. They take such good care of us out here! :)
The training from elder crystal at district meeting was really good
and we are trying so hard to apply it to everyone. It was on following
up. If you don't follow up, the invitation extended is hollow. So even
the regulars we see every day walking down the street, we are
following up with them! Because sister Starkey and I have literally
been talking to everyone, we now know about 90% of the people we see
regularly on the street by name. I love small towns! :)

I am so grateful for my calling, it teaches me so much each and
everyday. I know that this is the one and only true gospel that
contains all of the fullness of doctrine. I know the Book of Mormon is
true and that it brings us closer to our savior! I love this work!

So much love,
Sister Hannah

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