Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 6 for the win!

The fields sparkle! The fireflies are out and about! This week was
wild! It included a time zone change, president and sister Brough,
lots of laughs, meetings where I was spiritually filled and a
refreshing exchange! Packed full. There is not even a doubt. We had
something going on every single day! Week 6 of the transfer is always
a roller coaster of everything!

Tuesday, Sister Holt and I were able to attend MLC (mission leadership
council) in Louisville! I was spiritually fed as all of us (the zone
leaders, sister training leaders and assistants) discussed inspired
planning and leadership roles. We had the opportunity to share our own
insights and knowledge of what works versus what doesn't and how we
can help close the disconnect between the leadership of the mission
with the rest of the missionaries. From that meeting, I took away that
leaders need to be flexible to be successful and inspired planning
allows the lord to be involved in the work, which is actually His

Wednesday was sister Starkey's 20th birthday! We had a wonderful day
with two meal appointments and some weekly planning! We celebrated her
birthday by getting a scoop of ice cream from our favorite artisan ice
cream shop, bliss. It was this night that we had to drop our only
investigator. The "faith drop" was really hard because we literally
had NO ONE to teach, but we knew Heavenly Father would provide.
Somehow, someway. He never fails to keep his promises!

Thursday I was blessed to go on an exchange with Hermana Parra and we
had a blast. We saw so many miracles too! We met brother and sister
Jarvis! They were the first miracle of the day. I had planned them in
as a backup and when we went over to see them, brother Jarvis was
excited to see us. I was a little confused because we had never met
him. He proceeded to tell us that he had talked to elders years ago
and sisters recently. They had set up a time to come back but never
showed up. After promising we would come back, we set up a time for
the following day. Later in the evening, Hermana parra and I were able
to teach brother Tom, his wife and their friend! We had been trying
for two weeks to teach this man and our persistence finally paid off!
It was such an awesome exchange! We went from zero investigators to 4
in a matter of hours!

Our zone had zone meeting on Friday and we we spiritually fed again!
There is strength in numbers too! :) after Sister Starkey and I came
back to a brand new popping area! She was excited to see lots of
people to teach! While we were on our way to teach brother and sister
Jarvis, we pulled the car over to talk to a woman. She insisted that
we come up and talk to her on her porch. So we threw the car in park,
taught her a 5 minute restoration lesson, set a bap date and ran.
Charolette is seeking for truth and told us "God told me I need to
look everywhere." We then were able to teach brother and sister Jarvis
the restoration! They were prepared wit questions and we were prepared
with answers. They are so incredible! They are thirsting for the
gospel and know that they have found something good! I am so excited
for them to be baptized and make sacred covenants!

Transfer calls were Saturday! The curveball came! Sister Stsrkey will
be training a new missionary here and I am off to Charlestown, IN for
my last six weeks in the mission field! I am so excited! Sister
Windley will be my companion and we will cover the same sisters I
covered while I was serving in Louisville (just six short weeks ago!)
except all of the companionships will be training! :) I am excited!
When president was on the phone with us, he said "sister hannah,
you're just my sister I can put anywhere! I even have a theme song for
you! I'm going to sing it to you!" And he proceeded to sing to me:
"I'll go where you want me to go dear lord, over mountain or plain or
sea. I'll go where to want me to go in Kentucky or Indiana because
that's where you have need of me!" Followed up by "sister hannah,
whenever you hear this song, you stand up because it is your song!"
Hahaha I love president Brough!

Sunday was amazing! We had three random people show up to church!
Sister Vaal, who came to support sister Starkey speak, Kel- who is a
member but isn't baptized yet! And brother Mark! He told God that he
would come to our church this week if God gave him a good Saturday.
Well. He had a good Saturday and he came! It was so cool!

Miracles are happening everywhere! I love this work so much! I am so
grateful to be a full time missionary! I know that the Book of Mormon
brings peace to the soul! It is true! This is the Lord's work!

"when you are involved in the work of the Lord, the power behind you
is always greater than the obstacle before you." - Dallin H. Oaks

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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