Monday, July 11, 2016

By Small and Simple means...

... Are great things brought to pass! The simple act of prayer brings
so many miracles and blessings!!

This week was simply miraculous. It started on the beautiful fast
Sunday of last week. I had specifically fasted for more opportunities
to teach here in Charlestown. We had been struggling to find the
chosen and elect here. God heard that prayer and answered quickly. On
Sunday during testimony meeting Suzannah gave us a referral as she
bore her testimony. A few hours later we found ourselves at the
Fielding home. Sister Windley received a blessing of healing and
president Fielding and Suzannah gave us four more referrals! Blessings
from the Lord! As we have been visiting these people throughout the
week we have seen some success! :) specifically with a cute woman
named Judy. She is busy this next week but wants us to call her in a
week or two.

On Thursday the blessings continued to flow as God continued to answer
my fast! We felt very strongly that we needed to be on maple drive. It
was cool because the night before when we were planning I felt like we
needed to go there. It kept sticking out on the map. It was our back
up plan but we had 15 minutes before an appointment and decided to go
there first. When we pulled up to maple drive, a member of the ward
pulled up right behind us! We hadn't seen brother Ronald in a few
weeks. It was a Tender mercy to run into him! He was waiting for some
friends and when they showed up we all started to talk. Christy and
Eugene were interested in what we were saying. Brother Ronald bore
powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and families. By the time we
were done speaking Christy was asking for a ride to church! We had not
even taught the restoration yet! We set up an appointment for the
following day. When we came back for the appointment they were excited
and even sister warford's brother was there! He claimed he was there
to watch the children while they listened, but he stood in the doorway
and listened the whole time. When we asked them to be baptized,
brother Warford spoke up from the back doorway and wanted to be
baptized as well. It was rad! They also came to church on Sunday and
really enjoyed it. I'm so excited to see them progress! This gospel
changes lives!

Probably the most miraculous prayer that God and answered for me this
week was at MLC. President Brough was announcing future events and
told us that Augusts MLC will be at the eastern parkway building
because the missionary department will be evaluating it. Why? Because
it will be the MLC where they train on ONLINE PROSELYTING. AKA
FACEBOOK MISSIONARIES. We are one of five (says president Brough)
missions to be a trial mission for Facebook again. I miss it by one
week. Thank you Heavenly Father, so much, for hearing and answering
that prayer! I have prayed since the day I got my iPad that I would
miss it and I am. Woooo! God is good.

We also got to see DiAundre again this week! He is doing well! His
family has had some health struggles which have prevented us from
meeting with him, but he is still progressing! We just need to get him
to church! Pray that brother DiAundre makes it next week! He still
loves the Book of Mormon and knows it is true! He can't wait to be
baptized and hopefully one day serve a full time mission! The Lord has
been answering his prayers and has helped him get a job here recently!
Things are looking really up for him!

The Lord truly hears and answers our prayers. It may not be in our
timing, but His timing is always perfect. I am grateful for that
understanding and the knowledge that God does answer prayers! The
church is true, the book is blue!

So much love from the blessed GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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