Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokemon takes over the world.

This week was pretty low key except for when president called.
President has asked me to extend a transfer. I accepted. He is short a
few sister training leaders so I am going to stay and help train a few
sisters and come home the week school starts. Just kidding! Sister
Windley put me up to this! I will definitely be home in 9 days. Wow.
That is crazy!

Not too much happened because sister Windley is still not feeling up
to par. We ended up going to urgent care because she looked like she
was about to pass out on me. Everything was normal with her, the
doctor just chewed her out for not eating right. The miracle of this
week has been since after that visit she hasn't felt awfully horrible
as she has the last few weeks! There is progress! Another testimony of
healthy eating! She doesn't like it too much but she sees that it is
helping her, I hope!

This new Pokemon game is taking over the world. We stopped on a shady
corner to check the area book and see where we needed to go and a guy
pulled his truck over and hollered "there is a *something something*
Pokemon up around the corner!" I quickly responded with a really
confused look and told him we were missionaries and not looking for
Pokemon. He was surprised but said we could come by and share more.
Score! Pokemon miracle! Haha!

This week I learned what a true sacrifice a mission is. As we sat in
gospel principles and had a lesson on sacrifice, it finally
internalized. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have had to
sacrifice. I have definitely seen the blessings of it! I know that as
we sacrifice, God will bless us abundantly with many many thing better
than we could ever imagine!

Sister Warford and Brother Dean are doing well! We didn't get to teach
them this week but they came to church after sacrament and loved it
again! Sister Warford was so happy and energetic the whole time! I am
so excited to see their continual progression!

Love y'all so much!
So much love from the blessed GKLM,
❤️ sister hannah

Ps: SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Like with my own two little eyes!
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