Sunday, September 4, 2016

...and we are ENGAGED!

2 September 2016
This weekend was wild. 

Well, here is a little background FIRST:

Dennis and I decided roughly three weeks ago that we were going to get married. So what did we do? We went ring shopping. I told my mom. My mom flipped out for a minute. We planned for the future. He talked to my dad. Dennis got my dad's permission. We called and reserved the temple. We checked out the reception venue. Dennis bought the ring. Dennis left to go back to Vegas to start his masters program, WITH THE RING. My mom and I planned the entire wedding while he was in Vegas.

THIS weekend, we had a food tasting at Coto for the reception and Dennis was able to come to tasting. I was SO grateful because I would have picked the WRONG entree without his help! haha! #FoodieProbs Secretly in my mind I was hoping that he would propose this weekend but I wasn't sure if he was going to. We had facetimed a few nights before and he was asking all of these probing questions that led me to believe he had something up his sleeve!
The conversation went like this: Dennis: "Do you want to go on a date Friday night?"
Madeline: "well I had already planned one so yeah of course. The real question is do you want to be my date Friday night?"
Dennis: "well yes, duh of course! What are we doing?"
Madeline: "I was thinking we would go to dinner at peppinos then go star gazing."
Dennis: "well where is peppinos and where would we go star gazing? Like what location?"
Madeline: "haha why are you so concerned with the location?"
and he proceeded to leave the screen so I couldn't see his sly grin because I knew he was up to something! I had to do everything in my power to not ask a million questions to figure out the plan. I wanted to know what was going on so bad but I also wanted this to be a surprise! The struggle was real for me!

Friday night we headed out to our date. ALL of the plans changed. HAHA. I knew it. I knew something was up. We ate dinner at Del Frisco in the Spectrum. It was delicious! After we made our way over to the orange balloon at the Irvine Great Park. We had been talking about this for TWO YEARS since BWE 2014! Finally everything worked out perfectly. The balloon was open, the night was crisp and it was dark outside, perfect to see the lights of the valley. The setting was gorgeous.

As we sat and waited for our ride on the ballon I started to ask more engagement questions like if he was planning on doing it here or in Vegas next week. He then dropped the bomb on me. HE FORGOT THE RING. YOU HAD ONE JOB DENNIS. ONE JOB. He made up this huge story about how he forgot the ring and he did really really good at convincing me that he actually did. So then of course all of my nerves and anxiety of 'is he going to ask me here?' left. I then asked "So if you were going to do it here, how would you have done it? Since you forgot the ring and all?" and he simply responded "I am done answering these questions!" So I just assumed he was finally getting annoyed of me bugging the crap out of him about the engagement so I dropped it. We loaded the balloon with three other couples, we got to the top and I suggested we take a picture. I turned to look at the view and glanced over and had a mini heart attack because I though Dennis was down on one knee. He wasn't. WHEW. Even though he told me he forgot the ring, deep deep down inside I felt like he didn't. He asked some random guy to take the picture and as I was fixing my hair and getting ready for the picture Dennis looked at me and said "actually wait, before we take this picture I have a question to ask you!" and he got down on one knee and asked me "Madeline, will you marry me?"


I don't know who was more surprised. Me, the guy taking the picture or the guys girlfriend. Their reactions were priceless! He was like "WHOA DUDE!! WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?" and she was over by him going "OH MY GOSH I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!" hahahaha! It was the perfect moment.

I love you so much Dennis Jacob Minster. 

After he asked me he stood up and we were about to take the picture and he still hadn't put the ring on my finger yet! Dennis! That is just a minor detail! ;) we got that all situated and as we were about to land we got our picture, finally!

I AM SO EXCITED TO BE Mrs. Minster! :) December 30, 2016 CANNOT COME soon enough!

I guess since the wedding in now planned, we can get engaged. That would probably be a smart idea.

The rest of the night was hilariously wonderful. We went to a karaoke bar, because I am 21 and I can! We ran into my aunt there. THAT was too good. Dennis killed it up at the mic and we had a blast. I love spending time with him and doing crazy things! People watching sober at a bar is too funny. We proceeded to stay up and talk until 5am that morning. We have a wonderful life ahead of us and I couldn't be happier to spend it with you, Dennis! I love you so very much!

Here's to eternity!

so much love!

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