Monday, September 26, 2016

Birthday Weekend!

Happy 26th Birthday to my love!

This past weekend Dennis and I were able to meet up in SLC for a fun weekend! Not only were we celebrating his birthday, but we got to see each other after two weeks of straight Facetiming! I was SO excited. I couldn't wait!
(I am pretty sure my roommates think I am a total loser because all I do is sit in my room and do homework and FaceTime Dennis. LOL I don't even care.)

Friday night we crashed because of all the traveling, but Saturday was packed full.

It started with Lucy and catching up with her! It was so wonderful to see Lucy! The last time I saw her was in the MTC! How nuts! :) She is so awesome!

We ventured up and over to temple square to 'run into' Emma, one of Dennis's friends who is serving in the temple square mission. It was so fun to find her! She and her companion gave us a tour of the beehive house and then we went out to lunch! Sister Klippel is the cutest! 

Dennis and I had then planned to go to the Provo City Center temple for a session but when we got there it was closed....? at 2pm in the afternoon? What we hasn't accounted for was the General Women's session of conference. All the temples closed so that the women could attend. It was so sad! We didn't really have anything else planned in until dinner. We ventured over to the mall, got a free dessert from Olive Garden and then went to dinner at Communal, in Provo. It was good, not as good as the reviews say, but good enough. 

We celebrated the Birthday Boy at Waffle Love with a cinnalove with ice cream. Holy Moly. This was delicious. I think it was heaven on a plate. I would definitely go back and order the rest of the menu! 

The night concluded at Velour for our favorite band: THE STRIKE!!! We were both super duper excited for this concert and man, they BLEW IT OUT OF THE PARK! The Strike is always a good time! They performed all of their best songs and even "Do You Wanna Dance" thanks to me. ;) It was a night to remember!

After the show, the guys came out to meet us and we of course had to get a picture. I am still fan girling, ok!? How could I not be?

This weekend was everything I could have asked for and more, especially because I got to spend it with my fiance! I love you so much Dennis Minster & I hope you had the best birthday weekend ever!


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